Sunday, July 29, 2018

5 Random Atari ST Games

Something new, something unexpected

I thought it a nice idea to select a handful of random Atari ST games - something different from what I might normally choose. So I picked 5 games from the Dream Weavers menu disks catalogue. Everything is available on floppy disk from Stonish but I used the hard disk versions (thanks to D-Bug and 8BitChip).

This idea proved lots of fun and with a few shocks: I certainly had a blast playing four totally new games (and Golden Axe!!). The video recording shows my very first attempt at each game and I hope you enjoy watching it?

Okay, let's take a quick look at each of the ST games I have been playing...

 The Amazing Spider Man 

Okay, first up is The Amazing Spiderman by Empire Software. Now, I think that I remember playing this a few years ago but wasn't too impressed by the fiddly controls and lethargic pace? However, I must say that this "platformer" has genuinely shocked me because it's an incredible adventure which puts a different spin on the genre simply because we're Spidey. This means we have the expected superhero abilities along with being quite the sneaky saboteur - it's superb walking on the ceiling to creep by our enemies or punch switches with our webs.

There is also a fantastic 8-Bit vibe going on. Especially visually, which might not go down too well for those looking for a classy 16-Bit quality, but I think it's absolutely perfect. Overall, this is now literally one of my favourite Atari ST games and I cannot possibly explain just how much I've loved being Spiderman!! An absolute GEM.

 Edd the Duck! 

Next up is Edd The Duck which was aimed more at kids and isn't really something I would normally choose anyhow. It's basically a poor man's Rainbow Islands but it does a pretty good job trying to live up to that class act. Actually, this is a cracking game and a lot better than I had expected but I found the jump mechanic a little off and the difficulty a harder than it should be. Good, but it's probably a better idea just to load up Rainbow Islands?


Audiogenic's Exterminator was developed by The Assembly Line and is something I've wanted to play for a while - because it reminded me of Trashman!! However, this is a pest control as an entire street is overrun with all types of critters: wasps, spiders and many other weird things. We won't be laying traps or leaving poison because we're quite literally a hands-on kinda guy. Yep, using a BIG hand, we crush, pound or shoot the critters that emerge from the darkest corners of each room to attack. It's kinda like a nightmarish mix of Klax and gets even sillier with support for two players. This is something pointless every Dad needs to experience with his kids - they'll love it.

A good bug-crunching game that excels in two-player mode and I'm shocked at how much I enjoyed Exterminator. Finally, I must add that The Assembly Line did us proud by supporting the Atari STe with cool DMA sounds!!

 Golden Axe 

Golden Axe is a beat 'em up that needs no introduction from me. However, it's also one of those games I feel could have been a great chance to show off what the Atari STe was capable of. Sadly, there's no STe support and that was an opportunity lost [imho] but this is where my criticism ends. This game is awesome and a fantastic hack 'n' slasher which I love. I should make a proper feature on AtariCrypt for this amazing game, and soon!! Play this :-)

 Ivan Ironman Stewart's
Super Off-Road 

Virgin's Super Off-Road is another game I wouldn't typically have considered because it looks like a shameless Super Sprint ripoff. However, I am kicking myself because I took to this bumpy racer straight away and enjoyed tearing around its mucky tracks. It was odd being asked for my date of birth but the game has superb controls and the physics performed very well. Ripping up dirt with Ivan is absolutely brilliant and I had a blast!

What it lacks in originality is compensated by great gameplay and is the perfect end for a great run of ST games.


  1. You got a nice selection if this was truly random! Every time I pick a random game it turns out to be a German text adventure or something! :D

    I love Amazing Spider-Man too! Every time I see someone new play it I internally cringe because I know it’s finicky controls and repetitive switch puzzles will likely put the off, never to play it again. But persevere with it and there is a lot to love. I hope to go back to it one day and complete it.

    Super Off Road is another great game, but there is a difficulty spike that makes progress extremely difficult and stops me coming back for more.

    Golden Axe is a game that I obsessed about when I was a lad after playing the arcade at Birmingham Airport. I got a demo of the first level from ST Format with my ST at Christmas and played it to death. My Mum (bless her) must have been paying attention because she bought me the game for my birthday! Great memories.

    Great post, Steve. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it was random! I picked the entire catalogue of Dream Weaver disks that I have here in my collection. I love their disks because I remember being in contact with them you see, so happy memories. Anyhow, it was more like a "top 5" from the ones on these disks. (there were some other games which I just couldn't stand ha)

      I genuinely wanted to play something new to me and the video is of my very first proper play of each. Of course, I've played Golden Axe before but, hey there's always one odd one out. Trust me, I know lol. TBH, once I loaded it up, I couldn't let it slip by... so i guess it's 5 random games but rather than 5 random new games ;)

      I *think* i remember seeing Spiderman a few years ago but, again, as you can tell from the video it was my first play and it took me a few minutes to get to grip with the controls.

      I enjoyed this.

  2. STeve, indeed a great read this was. 5 random games and you immediately pick 3 of my favorites, I wouldn't know what to choose. Spiderman is such an underated game and even though it might look a bit silly, this is a game loved by many ST fans. I love it myself. Off Road racing is amazing, especially in 2 player mode. Lot's of great memories. And Golden Axe, man oh man ... I have completed that one (using trainer ... boooooh) a dozen of times with friends. Such a great hack and slash, even on the ST! Great read.

    1. Thank you whoever you are!! Love your taste in games :D

  3. You may have picked randomly, but these are all really nice examples of ST games done pretty well. Yes, some are not technically pushing the machine "beyond borders", by hey fun is good too!

    1. Sorry I appeared to have missed this message :/ Yeah there are some great games whether they push the machine or not. Great gameplay :)