Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Mole Mayhem

Mole Mayhem is a platformer by Croft Soft Software for the Atari STe. The city of Moledonia is under attack from a crazy dictator who intends to blow everyone to kingdom come. We are Philby, a secret agent mole working for the Moledonia Underground Intelligence Corporation who must destroy all bombs before everything goes BOOM!!

Each screen has a number of bombs that need to be neutralised by Philby and there's usually a particular route through which you need to figure out. Also, look for hazards like electricity and hidden ledges - which you either can't see or might first appear part of the background. Some levels have teleporters to blindly transport you another area - so make sure you have that route planned!! Once all the bombs are exploded you can use the exit.

Detonating bombs is easy when wearing a cape but sometimes it's can be a faff just to reach them.

Controls are easy but will require precise timing for the wider gaps otherwise Philby falls to a bloody death. Humorously, falling short of that fatal threshold has him squeaking to let us know how close we came to dying? Philby can jump either upwards or sideways (depending on how he stands) and detonating a bomb is done by pushing up. This mole ain't daft, he will protect himself using his superhero cape as a shield of steel - Batfink style!

Graphically, there's little to write home about but I do like the humble appearance which is functional and works well. Sound effects are played using the DMA for jumping, detonation, death, and so on. Sadly, there's no in-game background chipmusic so it's more or less silent when not leaping the platforms. I expected more from my STe.

Some obstacles require good timing... whilst others take you where no man has gone before!

Mole Mayhem is simple and progressively challenging, but I ran out of lives before I could reach the later levels. Thankfully, it has that one more go appeal, but I wish there was a password system because it's frustrating to restart from the beginning each time. Overall, an addictive platformer which I have thoroughly enjoyed!!

Oddly, there are limited sites to download this great platformer but the mighty Demozoo has it safely archived.

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