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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Atari STe games [part one]

I've put together a video recording of 14 Atari STe games. Of course, this isn't complete because there are lots more out there but, in the interesting of keeping things short and sweet... My video shows a few seconds from each game with a groovy background tune by Tomchi, which is just gorgeous! I hope you enjoy this humble presentation?

 Bombaman - Everyone loves Bomberman and this is a Christmas cracker we both loved.
 Escape 2042 - I bought this and so should you. This is incredible. Frustratingly incredible :)
 Pacman On E's - The little yellow fella pops ecstasy pills for a furious take on the classic!


 Alien Blast - Skip by those old bugs to enjoy a tremendous Alien-infested shoot 'em up.
 Death Chase - Quite possibly one of the best games I have ever played. Pure gold this one, folks!
 Ultimate Arena - Punch like Chuck Norris and kick like Bruce Lee in this beat 'em up.


 Pole Position - A near arcade-perfect conversion of one of the best racers ever. It is superb.
 PouifOuf - Those graphics might look familiar but the gameplay is furiously different - Wow!!
 Top Banana - The graphics make your eyes bleed and the sounds are... different... but it's weirdly good fun.


 Crackman/Dealer - A different twist on the old pill-popper and something you will love instantly love.
 Whitewater Madness - Forget the old demos out there - this is the full version right here on AtariCrypt!!
 Roger - The STe shows us exactly what it's capable of and Spot shines for a truly superb game.


 Jinks - Something my mind cannot fathom and PP totally destroys that jerky STf original.
 R0X - Zoom through the heavens, scaping giant rocks, all for a massive arcade adrenalin rush!



  1. Nice idea. You should do it more often mate ���� What about the STF too? ��

    1. Thanks mate, I really appreciate that!! There are deff more on the way, it's fun making these little videos and the STf isn't forgotten - I just thought I'd do the STe first because it's the underdog and many out there might not realise just how much there is for it.

  2. STe Forever :) realy nice video ... nostalgic volume UP :D