Sunday, August 11, 2019

Atari STe games [part two]

I'm sure you were all expecting this, right? :@) Yup, I've put together a second video recording that features even more Atari STe games from the Crypt archives. Once again, just a few seconds of each game is shown accompanied with the same groovy background tune by Tomchi. Greetings to all my fellow STe Nutters out there!

 Uridium - Peter has performed his usual magic and transformed this old clunky shooter into a beauty.
 Operation Garfield - I dare you not to laugh at this silly shoot 'em up!
 Zool - Good on the ST and even better on the STe. Different to Sonic and fun for a few hours.


 Giana Sisters - This is what the original should have been like all along! One of the best-enhanced games.
 Chronicles of Omega - More colours on the STf but smooth as silk on the STe and with DMA audio.
 Substation - Doom for the ST? Well, no it's very different but it's still a BRILLIANT fps game.


 Stardust - Now we're talking, play this Asteroids and tell me it's not mind-blowing. Superb shooter!!
 Heartland 2000 - An Easter Egg with legs but look how smoooooth it runs!!
 Zero-5 - The STe goes all Star Wars on us and it's utterly brilliant too. What a cracking game this is.


 Pac Mania - The original was good but this blows it out the water!!
 R-Type Deluxe - Good old Bod did us proud right until the end. I miss him and thank him for the pics.
 Team - I ain't no soccer fan but check out this in overscan. Wow!!


 Sliders - Looks weird, scrolls like silk, but can you play it? One odd game this. Very odd...
 Obsession - Best pinball game on any ST? Very possibly because this is a jaw-dropper Christmas cracker!



  1. Great video as usual and what a heady tune, chiptune rocks 😁👍

    1. I genuinely think chiptunes will last forever, unlike 90% of older tracker music...
      Thanks again for your comment :)

  2. Zool - it's a pity that only the hardscroll uses Atari STE. It would be nice if the music was also from Amiga;)