Friday, August 09, 2019

Volume 3: Return Of The Borders!

How time flies, it was only last October I remember giving Marco's project a little Crypt push and today, it became a reality. After several days of resentfully watching many ST nutters flaunt their Trilogy collection, I finally have my own copy!! Yup, this morning I received that familiar brown parcel which I excitedly opened.

I've had a flick through and loving what I've read so far, I'm sure to enjoy reading it properly over the weekend. If anyone missed out on the funding of this project, then don't despair because you can still purchase any or all three volumes. My gratitude goes out to Marco and everyone involved in this hiSToric achievement!!

And you thought this book was just about demos? Yeah, it's Jeff Minter!!

Stardust is one of the best 16-Bit games ever released and a divine Atari STe release.

Say hello to Jan, one of our amazing Patreons!! Hello Milhouse :-)

Iron Soldier is outstanding, what a game that was/is. I wish I still had my copy...

I love Scavenger so I'm really looking forward to reading this interview.

I cannot afford one but that doesn't stop me from loving the Atari Falcon!

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