Thursday, August 18, 2016

Magic Boy

Empire released Magic Boy late in 1993 and is one of the cutest platformers ever released. It reminds me a little of Rainbow Islands in both quality and style. You are little Hewlett, a young boy with a magic wand who accidentally turned all the animals into freakishly cute monsters. So it's your job to restore everything back to normal and that can only mean venturing forth through many beautiful worlds to tag and bag all of these little nasties.

There are four massive worlds to explore (Sand Land, Wet World, Plastic Place, Future Zone) with each offering eight levels. They start off relatively easy before introducing you to lots of cunning tricks and traps that keep you on your toes and most certainly keep you coming back for more. Collect the power-ups to aid your progress and there is a mild learning curve but Magic Boy is such an easy game to pick-up and play you'll be leaping for joy in no time!


This is literally one of the most stunning 16-Bit games I have ever played. Such gorgeous bright, radiant graphics with so many comical characters and with ultra-smooth vertical scrolling. Sound effects are brilliant and best experienced using an Atari STe. Accompanying music is so perfect with a fun-themed high-quality tune that stays in your head all day long! Yes, Magic Boy is most definitely one of the sexiest Atari ST games, ever.

It's not often I say this, but Magic Boy is perfection. Personally, I cannot find any faults with this fascinating platformer which plays as good as it looks and sounds. So stop what you're doing and PLAY THIS GAME!!


 - 8BitChip never fail to impress and once again have adapted this game for hard drive installation.
 - If you instead need a floppy disk image then Old Games Finder is for you!
 - How do you fancy a few sneaky cheats to get you onto those later levels? Yeah, of course you do! When you are about to start a new game, first, you must press and hold down one of these combinations to choose:
     -> Sand Land......(part 1)  =  S + 1
     -> Sand Land......(part 2)  =  S + 2
     -> Future Zone....(part 1)  =  F + 1
     -> Future Zone....(part 2)  =  F + 2
     -> Plastic Place..(part 1)  =  P + 1
     -> Plastic Place..(part 2)  =  P + 2
     -> Wet World......(part 1)  =  W + 1
     -> Wet World......(part 2)  =  W + 2

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