Sunday, August 28, 2016


Somewhere in the far reaches of the universe is a remote planet called Blot. Much like Eden, this is a wonderful place and also home to the friendliest of creatures, the Blotians. However, for some peculiar reason, they got a little bored and desired to be cooler and thus came up with the daft notion of a brand new identity on a different planet. They're now called Fuzzy Wuzzies, but what these sad creatures didn't realise was that demons already lived here. They are an evil bunch and very bad tempered! Needless to say, everyone has been captured and await a cruel and bloody fate. You are Clyde Radcliffe, your breath stinks and it's your job to rescue all your friends from these fiends!

Creatures is a platformer released by Thalamus in 1993 and contains some of the most beautiful visuals you could ever imagine. It looks tremendous with such detailed and colourful artwork and character animations. Audio hasn't taken a backseat and features support for the hardware lurking inside the Atari STe to produce gorgeous quality effects. Clyde is the cutest little thing and the game employs this theme throughout. He is equipped with a rapid firing weapon, which is handy because many of the baddies can take numerous hits before they die. Power-ups are available, I love the 'wriggler' effect the most and there are much more to choose from. However, your super power is the funniest weapon of all, press and hold the fire button to breathe bad breath over anything that gets too close. Whoever said brushing your teeth was good for your health? Fire breath is just what those horrid demons deserve!

In fact, horrid is just the word. Creatures might look cute and cuddly but it also features an underlying evil personality. At the end of each level is a puzzle screen where you are required to rescue a fellow Fuzzy Wuzzy from the clutches of a sadistic demon. Be quick because it's usually a shocking scene of hilarious cartoon horror!

Creatures is a good game but I often noticed a little slowdown. I can live with that but what I find difficult to swallow is the lack of proper scrolling, which is instead pushed. It might work for a game like Rick Dangerous but it's disappointing here. I enjoyed Creatures, it has a fun and balanced gameplay style which never tires. A good game.


 - I made a couple of video recordings last year ( one ) ( two ) ...enjoy yourselves :^)
 - This screenshot sums up the artistic nature of Creatures - I love those ghosts!
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