Thursday, August 18, 2016

Magic Boy

You are little Hewlett, a young boy with a magic wand who accidentally turned the animals into monsters! So it's your job to restore everything back to normal which means travelling four beautiful levels to tag and bag all the little nasties!

Magic Boy is a platformer released late in 1993 by Empire and, in some ways, has always reminded me of Rainbow Island with its colourful and cutesy theme.

Gorgeous bright, radiant graphics with so many comical characters and ultra smooth vertical scrolling which is accompanied by perfect, fun-themed high-quality music with some sweet sound effects (all of which are best experienced when played on an Atari STe). Magic Boy is most definitely one of the sexiest Atari ST games ever!

There are four massive worlds to explore (Sand Land, Wet World, Plastic Place, Future Zone) with each offering eight levels. These start off relatively easy before introducing you to lots of cunning tricks and traps to keep you on your toes and coming back for more. You know folks, this game is so easy to pick up and play - shoot the critters to send 'em packing whilst collecting the usual power-ups along the way and that's about it. The concept isn't exactly bewildering but instead, we have a fun and entertaining platformer with such glamorous aesthetics to boot. If you enjoy platformers then make time to play Magic Boy - it's one of my favourite Atari ST games and I absolutely love it.


 - It's that time of your day to witness some awesome gaming skills and to watch me play Magic Boy!
 - AtariMania has almost every Atari ST game in their database and here is Hewlett's entry.
 - 8BitChip never fail to impress and once again have adapted this game for hard drive installation.
 - The mighty D-Bug have also patched Magic Boy to run from hard drive.
 - If you instead need a floppy disk image then Old Games Finder is for you!
 - Fancy a few sneaky cheats to get you onto those later levels? Yeah, of course, you do so when you are about to start a new game, first, simply press and hold down one of these combinations to choose your level:
     -> Sand Land (part 1) -     S + 1
     -> Sand Land (part 2) -     S + 2
     -> Future Zone (part 1) -   F + 1
     -> Future Zone (part 2) -   F + 2
     -> Plastic Place (part 1) - P + 1
     -> Plastic Place (part 2) - P + 2
     -> Wet World (part 1) -     W + 1
     -> Wet World (part 2) -     W + 2