Wednesday, August 31, 2016


BeGEMeD is a new version of Bejewelled, by Alexander de Vries for the Atari STe (and later computers). It features gorgeous colourful graphics with the in-game music by Dma-Sc, and both are utterly sensational. A demo was released at STNICCC 2015 however, I think was living on another planet back then and completely missed it O_o

So, I've been catching catch-up and spending lots of my spare time lately playing BeGEMed. Later, I contacted Alexander to thank him for his hard work and it wasn't long before I was testing a new beta. I'm thrilled to report that there have been numerous bug fixes and more features added with a final release is due very soon. I'm honoured to have played a (tiny) part in the production. BeGEMed is an absolutely addictive and a fantastic! puzzler!!


 - AtariMania has the download to the latest beta on their website.
 - Alexander has created his own web page for BeGEMeD w/ video recordings.
 - Here is my video recording and I reached level 7 but level 13 is my personal best - can you beat 'dis??