Wednesday, August 31, 2016


BeGEMeD is a twist of Bejewelled puzzler developed for the Atari STe by Alexander de Vries. It features colourful graphics accompanied by incredible in-game music by Dma-Sc, one of my personal favourite musicians. I contacted Alexander, to thank him for this great game and it wasn't long before I was beta testing a new version!! I'm thrilled to report the latest version has numerous bug fixes and many more features with a final release due soon.

I'm honoured to have played a (tiny) part in the production of what is a fabulous and addictive puzzler. Everything has come together so perfectly, it looks lovely, sounds great, and plays every bit as good as you would hope. BeGEMeD is one of the best Bejeweled games I have ever played. I cannot recommend this highly enough. 10/10.

AtariMania has the latest version so don't be daft and download this superb game right now!

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