Saturday, August 27, 2016


Nasty aliens have taken control of the science space station, Annex. It's your job is to kill every last one of them and then enable the reactors and life support.

Annex is a homebrew first-person shooter published by LAPD in 1995 and attempts to blend together the action of Doom with the mechanics of a Dungeon Master.

I must admit, I initially didn't think this would work with the 90° turns but it actually plays extremely well. Movement is performed using a combination of the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard to walk, activate switches and then your mouse to aim your weapon and shoot anything that moves. Annex comes with its fair share of quirks. I felt the graphics, although quite nice, aren't exactly varied or diverse thus things tend to get samey after a while. There isn't even a map function to help you out - the docs mention making your own - so Annex can become a little disorientating. Thankfully, the baddies are pretty good and usually speak to give up their position, but at least they disintegrate into a gorgeous blood splatter when killed!

Annex is a pretty good game and fans of the genre should definitely take a look. It is far from perfect, but there is a good mix of action adventure lurking within - if you are willing to look beyond the obvious shortcomings.


 - AtariMania has a download available from their Atari ST database.
 - I suggest you take a look at Jim's video recording (he also has tons more Atari ST videos!)
 - Zogging Hell is a great website with a nice selection of the LAPD library to download.
 - Yes, of course there are many more first-person shooters on the Atari ST :-)