Friday, August 12, 2016

Days Of Thunder

I'm a big NASCAR fan and today I finally got around to playing Mindscape's Days Of Thunder which, I think, is also the only stock car game out on the Atari ST. (?)

I must first thank Peter Putnik of 8BitChip who adapted this game for hard drive installation, at my request. Sadly, I wish I'd never have mithered him because I feel I've discovered the worst Atari ST game, ever!

It actually started off well with a cracking Dave Whittaker title tune but soon went downhill, very fast! Upon my first game, I was shocked (to say the least) at just how badly it looked, sounded and played. I couldn't stand more than a few laps before wondering if I was missing something glaringly obvious. So off I went to the ST Format website and read their almost glowing review. Their only minor grumbles were the sound effects (I get that) and an "unexciting" title tune. Incredible chiptune ignorance!

They gave it 88% overall score and I cannot understand why. I've since played several times and suffered every minute in utter agony! I don't think I shall be keeping a copy on my hard drive somehow (sorry Peter!).

Whilst they might not be stock car racers, I shall be sticking with VroomLotus Turbo ... Boogity, boogity, boogity!


 - Visit 8BitChip right now if you feel brave enough to take a spin around Daytona!
 - Or be safe and watch a video recording instead. I couldn't bring myself to making my own...
 - The floppy disk images are available from Old Games Finder.
 - ST Format #16. Were they right or simply insane? Let me know!
 - Fancy a big fat juicy tip?
          > When in the qualifying race, press pause (P key).
          > Type in COMEFLYWITHME
          > Now press keys F1 - F8 for some silly views!
          > However, it won't make the game any better! (and untested by me)