Friday, August 12, 2016

Days Of Thunder

I'm a big NASCAR fan and today I finally got around to playing Mindscape's Days Of Thunder which, (I think) is the only stock car game out on the Atari ST? Firstly, I must first thank Peter Putnik of 8BitChip who adapted this game for hard drive installation, at my request. Sadly, I wish I'd never have mithered him because I feel I have discovered the worst Atari ST game ever made!

It actually started off well with a cracking Dave Whittaker title tune but soon goes downhill, and very fast too. My first game didn't go very well and I was incredibly shocked just how bad it looks, sounds and plays. Talk about bland and boring - I couldn't stand more than a few laps before wondering if I was missing something glaringly obvious...

I've since played several races and sadly suffered every minute in agony. I don't think I shall be keeping a copy on my hard drive somehow (sorry Peter!). Boogity, Boogity, Boogity probably the worst ST game ever??


 - Visit 8BitChip right now if you feel brave enough to take a spin around Daytona!
 - The floppy disk images are available via Old Games Finder.
 - ST Format seemed to love this game! Are they right or simply insane? Let me know!
 - Fancy a big fat juicy tip?
          > When in the qualifying race, press pause (P key).
          > Type in COMEFLYWITHME
          > Now press keys F1 - F8 for some silly views!
          > However, it won't make the game any better! (and untested by me)

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