Friday, August 12, 2016

Days Of Thunder

I'm a big NASCAR fan and today I finally got around to playing Mindscape's Days Of Thunder which, (I think) is the only stock car game out on the Atari ST? Firstly, I must first thank Peter Putnik of 8BitChip who adapted this game for hard drive installation, at my request. Sadly, I wish I'd never have mithered him because I feel I have discovered the worst Atari ST game ever made!

It actually started off well with a cracking Dave Whittaker title tune but soon goes downhill, and very fast too. My first game didn't go very well and I was incredibly shocked just how bad it looks, sounds and plays. Talk about bland and boring - I couldn't stand more than a few laps before wondering if I was missing something glaringly obvious...

I've since played several races and sadly suffered every minute in agony. I don't think I shall be keeping a copy on my hard drive somehow (sorry Peter!). Boogity, Boogity, Boogity probably the worst ST game ever??


 - Visit 8BitChip right now if you feel brave enough to take a spin around Daytona!
 - The floppy disk images are available via Old Games Finder.
 - ST Format seemed to love this game! Are they right or simply insane? Let me know!
 - Fancy a big fat juicy tip?
          > When in the qualifying race, press pause (P key).
          > Type in COMEFLYWITHME
          > Now press keys F1 - F8 for some silly views!
          > However, it won't make the game any better! (and untested by me)

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  1. Maybe they were being paid off. I remember the coverdisc demo version ... it did not impress, other than being about the only more-or-less free roaming (within the track) 3D polygon racer I'd experienced up to that point. Sadly that seemed to come at the cost of framerate, responsiveness, and any kind of actual detail.