Friday, August 12, 2016

Days Of Thunder

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!!

Yes, I'm a big NASCAR fan and I've finally got around to playing Mindscape's Days Of Thunder which (I think) is the only stock car racer for the Atari ST. I did wonder how the sport might appear in 16-bits and it started off well with a fantastic title tune by David Whittaker. However, it was soon all downhill... Never have I seen a game look so bad.

The visuals are shocking on the eyes but it's the framerate that is total diarrhoea. The sound effects are actually worse and I truly do mean that. But I could forgive how a game looks and sound for great gameplay. Sadly, this has none. Could this be the worst Atari ST game ever? Well, put it this way, I could not stand to play more than a couple laps before rebooting in anger and utter disappointment. And that's my final thoughts about this disgusting stock car racer.

I wondered how my 16MHz Mega STe might perform with this dreadful game so I contacted Peter Putnik and he created a hard drive version... but even the extra MHz couldn't save it but thanks for trying mate!

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  1. Maybe they were being paid off. I remember the coverdisc demo version ... it did not impress, other than being about the only more-or-less free roaming (within the track) 3D polygon racer I'd experienced up to that point. Sadly that seemed to come at the cost of framerate, responsiveness, and any kind of actual detail.