Saturday, August 20, 2016

Knight Lore

AtariCrypt is all about the Atari ST/e computers but today I'm going to make an exception and instead concentrate on Atari's 32-bit wonder, the mighty Falcon. As you can see in the picture above, the classic ZX Spectrum game KNIGHT LORE is available for Atari's flagship computer and appears to be fully playable and also pretty darn ace!

I find it rather depressing that I didn't know about this, prior to a message from Janez Valant (Swe of YesCREW) who kindly sent me a copy. Sadly, there are no docs but Knight Lore seems to play great but I'm gutted it isn't for the ST...
The screenshot was taken from within Hatari. Of course, I would love a real Atari Falcon computer so if someone is willing to donate to AtariCrypt then please let me know. (come on, I gotta try!)


 - I'm sure all you lucky Falcon owners wanna download Knight Lore right now? Enjoy!! :-)
 - Issue #02 of Alive magazine has a feature (download and web link) (credit: Peter Putnik for this info)
 - AtariMania now has this listed within their awesome database.
 - Wikipedia has a Knight Lore web page for those that weren't here back in 1984!
 - The World of Spectrum website has lots of juicy content and more.
 - Swe's portfolio of talent is listed and downloadable from off the awesome Demozoo website.
 - Of course, YesCREW also has a piece of the Demozoo pie (GemPLAY is just awesome!!)
 - If, like me, you have no Atari Falcon then take a gander at the Hatari emulator.