Saturday, August 20, 2016

Knight Lore

AtariCrypt is all about the Atari ST/e home computers but today I shall make an exception to feature something very special for its big brother: the wonderful 32-Bit Falcon. I was recently contacted by Janez Valant (Swe, of YesCREW) and he said there was a little-known release of Knight Lore available for the Falcon.

Yes, that's right!! Ultimate Play The Game's KNIGHT LORE!! It appears complete with gameplay that feels spot-on perfect. In fact, it's better because the slowdown isn't as bad here. However, the colours are a little suspect: the original's monochrome display may have been because of limited hardware but it looked cool. Not so here. It's good but it's often ... too much. Watch the image above and tell me Sabreman doesn't look camp!

Well, what a shock to find Ultimate's Knight Lore available for the Falcon but it's a huge shame that it doesn't work on the Atari ST/e. Still, it's brilliant to play - even if somebody like me needs an emulator. Fantastic game.

Download Knight Lore and relive 1984 ZX Spectrum - style!! :D

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