Tuesday, June 28, 2016

megahertz war

I had to "laugh" when I read an article in Atari ST Review magazine #24, by Andrew Wright. How right he was about the times back then, I wonder if he had a crystal ball? (if so, it was probably a GEM app running in MagiC OS)

By the mid-1990s, the PC industry was taking over and claiming its crown for the winner of the computer wars. Our days were numbered, partly due to poor management and Atari's lack of involvement in the megahertz wars. Yes, our beloved Atari TOS computers began fading away into the darkness and by the late 90s, every ST was probably stored in an attic... Okay, I jest but the millennium days where sure gloomy times but cheer up because it also happened to those Commies computer too! Anyhow, I thought his insight made for an interesting read <click here>

I'm happy that I've never owned a Windows PC.  I never will.