Friday, June 03, 2016

Crime Wave

You know me, I love my Atari STe and I'm always on the hunt for games, demos and programs that make use of the enhanced hardware. Today, I was flicking through ST Format #58 and noticed a review of a homebrew game called Crime Wave, by Dillon Agoma from 1994. It appears quite similar to Super Cars and makes use of hardware scrolling! However, the reviewer didn't seem too pleased with the controls so perhaps it was a work in progress?

This is a tough one to research because the name is the same as a commercial US Gold game and no PD library stocked it because Crime Wave was only available directly from the author. Yep, I've searched online but sadly found no downloads or other information but I've written a letter so let's hope he still in that house and has a copy to share!

These are the updates to my Dillon hunt...

June 2016: This is the date I originally posted the letter!
Feb 2017 update: Sadly, I never received a reply to my letter. (I later found out that he had moved!)
July 2017 update: I managed to contact Dillon online and he thinks his disks are in storage :-)
Oct 2017 update: Nothing turned up but now he hopes that his disks are in the attic boxed away.
April 2019 update: I've sent Dillion another message but sadly I've heard nothing back. I hope he's okay but I'm not starting to think this piece of ST history is now lost forever. Perhaps I should give up now?  I'm gutted :(

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