Monday, June 13, 2016

Storm 94

Storm 94 is a shoot 'em up developed in STOS by Marcus Platt / Fugitive Freelancers in 1994 for the Atari STe. It's based on the familiar alien theme with a style reminiscent of Alien Blast and Alien Thing and was originally released by LAPD.

Like other similarly inspired games, we are exploring a spaceship whilst suffering a constant onslaught from the ravenous alien baddies. These are relentless, so shoot first and never bother asking silly questions! Ammo, health and security keys are littered throughout the levels but if you find yourself needing extra then these can all be purchased from the computer terminals. Our job is to find key cards to operate the airlock and allow us to escape.

My only quibble is the time limit which is way too short and if you notice the screen turning red, you're near death!! For me, it didn't need a timer whatsoever and umm spoils the game somewhat. I hope PP gets a hold of this game and adapts/removes this timer. Then I might be able to see more of the game lol. Sorry, not sorry.

I liked Storm '94 because of the strategic elements mixed with furiously fun gameplay. This is a great game.

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