Monday, June 13, 2016

Storm 94

Folks, check out this STOS game which was written in 1994 by Fugitive Freelancers for the Atari STe.

It's based on the alien theme with a style reminiscent of Alien Blast, Alien Thing and Alien Syndrome (notice a theme there?). Originally released by LAPD, this is one of those games which I missed back in da' day and now I feel a hidden gem has been discovered. ;-)

Like most Aliens-inspired games you must explore the space ship whilst suffer a constant onslaught of baddies. They are relentless, so shoot first and ask questions never whilst you look for your key card to operate the airlock and escape. Ammo, health and security keys are littered throughout every level but if you find yourself needing extra then these can all be purchased from the computer terminals. It's here where you can also view a nifty level map to help navigate a route to both the key and your exit. I love Storm 94 because of the fast and furious gameplay mixed in with a bundle of strategic thinking. Having said that, there is a rather harsh time limit per level and, if you notice the screen turning red, then you're almost outta luck - so run! A very challenging game.


 - The only download I found is by my good mate, Chris. Who is STOS mad btw! :p
 - Wanna see Storm '94 in action? Of course, you do so click here!
 - I have contact ST coding magician Peter Putnik for an adapted version and with possible bug fixing that prevents Storm 94 from running on my Mega STe and other computers. Keep your fingers crossed!