Saturday, June 25, 2016

ST Review Invaders

Who doesn't love a quick blast of Space Invaders? It doesn't matter how old I get, I'm always transformed back into that 10-year-old kid in the arcades (one without any gaming skills - yes, only my age increases!). Well, today I came across Atari ST Review cover disk #11 which contains the imaginatively titled ST Review Invaders which was an exclusive released for this great magazine back in 1993, by Dave Munsie.

First impressions are great because I love the (almost) traditional look and feel but there are also added bells and whistles too. Moving the cannon moves over a rocky landscape reforms the expected aiming style more than I first imagined. Also, those pesky aliens no longer shoot in a predictable straight line and their attack wave is nothing like in the arcades. In fact, level two sees them bopping along in a humorous fashion with a Mexican wave following later.

I really did enjoy myself playing ST Invaders and those nice added touches don't ruin the authenticity. So, if you fancy a game with that "just one more go" factor, this is definitely for you. Great fun and I highly recommend it.


 - Atari ST Review magazine and cover disks can be download from the Chillichai archive.
 - AtariMania has ST Review Invaders within their ST database website.