Sunday, June 05, 2016


Dave Munsie is a legend with the ST gaming world who released incredible games, and a couple were even enhanced for Atari STe. As you can probably tell, this is going to be a Munsie take on the old Asteroids format. Which means it's hardly going to win an award for originality but don't be put off... something tells me this is worth it!

Forget about those old vectors waiting to be blasted because we're transported into a piece of Blitter-space with silky smooth scrolling in all directions. Chasing the lumps of rocks takes some getting used to because it's so fast but the controls are a cinch to master so it won't be long before you realise how great this conversion is.

It's really impressive to see planet Earth swoosh across your screen and certainly makes you realise just how under-utilised our great machine was by the commercial companies. Once again, Mr Munsie puts them to shame. Audio hasn't been forgotten and we get DMA support on the STe but I found the repetitive loop of this sample a little annoying. Thankfully, we can switch to either a lovely chiptune or sound effects.

Overall, this is bog-standard Asteroids but with impressive Blitted graphics to admire zooming across your screen. The gameplay is very addictive and rock-smashingly awesome so is probably one of the most entertaining versions of Asteroids I've played? Yep, this is bucket loads of fun and highly recommended, especially for Asteroid nutters!

Download Asteroidia from the awesome AtariMania website. Hey, can you beat my hi-score?

Ideally, this is how all ST/e games should have been like!!  Click the images to see 'em large.

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