Sunday, June 05, 2016


Can you beat my Hi-Score? ;^) (click)
Dave Munsie seemed to have lots of fans (and anti-fans!) during the 90s and I always liked his games. A couple were enhanced for Atari STe, like Asteroidia.

Okay, it's hardly likely to win any originality awards because this is Asteroids but with a few twists and turns to spruce up this old arcade classic.

Graphics are amazing, the whole screen smoothly scrolls very quickly at 50fps and never lags to spoil the frantic action. This is because Asteroidia makes use of the Blitter coprocessor within the STe and STFM. However, the audio is disappointing because of a short and repetitive sample and the effects aren't too great either. Thankfully the background music can be deactivated or simply removed (see my video for the method I used). Overall, this is Asteroids but with impressive Blitted graphics to admire zooming across your monitor. It's a shame about the sounds but the gameplay is rock-smashingly awesome and a bucket load of fun. A superb game!


 - Go on, you know you want to watch my awesome gaming skills in a video recording!
 - Download Asteroidia from the awesome AtariMania website.