Sunday, June 05, 2016


Dave Munsie sure released some incredible games and a couple were even enhanced for Atari STe, like Asteroidia. Okay, it's hardly likely to win any prizes for originality but this is a unique take on the old format with Blitted graphics flying across your monitor! However, it's not all great news as the audio is quite disappointing because it's a looped sample, which soon aggravates. Thankfully, it can be turned off but the sound effects aren't too great...

Overall, this is bog-standard Asteroids but with impressive Blitted graphics to admire as they zoom across your screen. The gameplay is addictive and rock-smashingly awesome. Probably one of the most entertaining versions of Asteroids I've ever played? Bucket loads of fun and highly recommended, especially for Asteroid nutters!


 - Download Asteroidia from the awesome AtariMania website but can you beat my hi-score?

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