Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Atari ST games

Menu CDs where the cool kids on the block with their flashy visuals, funky music, and questionable contents. So many people today still point a finger of blame at them for the ST's premature demise from the commercial gaming scene, back in the mid-1990s.

However, Menu CDs also played a role in our history by helping most people play games they wouldn't ever have bought and that actually had a knock-on effect by keeping the scene alive. Whatever you think, it's too late now, but nobody can deny they contained some of the most creative examples of what the ST could knock out!

If you don't know, a Menu CD is a floppy disk which generally contained a number of hacked commercial games. After booting up, a menu would appear flaunting the hackers creative talents with flashy visuals, ripped music and a fascinating scroller to read through. Most people remember the infamous Automation but there were so many others: Dream Weavers, Fusion, Elite, FOF, FOFT, Zulu, Mad Vision, Bad Brew Crew and the list goes on (and on!)

Thankfully, there is a website called Stonish which is dedicated to the preservation of those rare Menu CD's. I featured it here on AtariCrypt last year and I'm pleased to see just how much it has grown since that time. Please remember, this isn't about piracy but instead cataloguing and preserving a part of our history.

Sadly, many disks are still missing and the hope is somebody will look within their dusty attic and find them... Until then, they are presumed lost forever which is really disappointing as time machines haven't been invented yet. So please support the Stonish project and dig out your old floppies, you never know what you might find!


 - Visit the STONISH website ( clickety click )
 - I've started a YouTube playlist for Menu CDs!

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