Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Nesulator is a collection of programs which will emulate five famous Nintendo / NES games. It's programmed and released by Ed Cleveland at STNICCC 2000 but he sadly never managed to complete this potentially outstanding project. Thankfully, we can still get to play with the betas and have ourselves some fun! The games are:

     > Donkey Kong Jr........(screenshot)
     > Castlevania...........(screenshot in colour)
     > Dig Dug...............(screenshot in colour)
     > Mario.................(screenshot GIF)
     > The Legend of Zelda...(screenshot)

Quite the impressive lineup with Dig Dug performing the best of the lot, I thought. Although each game requires an Atari STe or Falcon computer, they will ideally need something a little more beefy. My own 16MHz Mega STe just about ran Mario, as you can see above. I would guess a minimum of a 32MHz computer would be the ideal base spec but I would love to hear from people who have a 68060 upgrade inside their Atari Falcon!!


 - A download is available on Demozoo and packed in Maggie #29.
 - Ed Cleveland has an impressive resume of Atari goodies - like the fabulous Donkey Island!!

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