Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Nesulator is a collection of programs by Ed Cleveland that emulate five famous Nintendo/NES games: Donkey Kong Jr, Castlevania, Dig Dug, Mario and The Legend Of Zelda. Each program is the same emulator but dedicated to that particular game. This package was released at STNICCC 2000 but sadly never complete but it sure shows the outstanding potential that this project offered - with Dig Dug performing the best I thought.

Thankfully, we can still get to play with these betas and have some fun - remembering that they are unfinished!! You will need an upgraded Atari ST or something like the Falcon because each game demands lots of horsepowers to run at an acceptable speed. For instance, the GIF animation shows how my 16MHz Mega STe performed. Not bad but I'm now wishing I could go back in time to tell myself NOT to sell my TT or Falcon. Yep... :/

- Screenshots and a download from Demozoo -

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