Saturday, June 18, 2016

worth the gamble?

I've just bought an Atari ST w/ SM125 monitor off eBay. However, both looked in terrible condition, so dirty with many battle scars and what looked like burn marks near the power supply area. I took the chance and ended up winning the bid for a shocking 99 pence. Yep, 99 pence :-)

Today I collected both from the fella who told me about its history and the years he spent using Cubase. Once home, I began cleaning both inside and out - which took a long time!! I think I was right about the burn marks as it appears the ST suffered damage at some time in its history with a couple of repair stickers from different companies inside the case. At one point I needed to hoover the floppy drive area because they had soot-like grime with thick spider's webs over the cables. Yikes!! Well, everything is now clean and restored from its toxic state.

SysInfo tells me that this is a 1040 STF with TOS 1.00 and 1MB RAM ...and all for 99 pence. Woop Woop!

filthy but working
The insides were worse with
spiders webs all around the floppy
drive cables. Creepy!
(click on all pics to view large)
All spanky and clean now
Midi Maze time!

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