Saturday, June 18, 2016

Atari 1040 STf

When buying of eBay works!

I've bought an Atari ST off eBay which also included an SM125 monitor. However, both are in terrible condition! Very dirty with many battle scars and also what looks like scorch marks near the power unit area. Anyhow, I took the chance and ended up winning the bid for a shocking 99 pence. Yep, less than one pound :-)

Once home, I began the cleaning - which took a long time!! This poor old computer must have suffered fire damage at some point in its life judging by the burns inside. It also appears to have suffered other damage at some time as I saw different company stickers inside. Funnily, I needed to hoover around the floppy drive area because of soot-like sludge and a thick bunch spiders webs covering all the cables. Quite the toxic state!

I'm so happy to have this marvellous old computer up and running plus the SM125 is a fantastic monitor. To think of its previous condition with the keyboard grime, burn marks, and all that weird thick sludge is gross. For once, eBay has produced a bargain albeit a mucky one. I'm so glad to have rescued this beautiful old Atari ST.

SysInfo tells me that this is a 1040 STF with TOS 1.00 and 1MB RAM ...and all for 99 pence. Woop Woop!

Filthy but even worse inside thanks to a thick sludge and many cobwebs!!

I wish I would have taken a better photograph but the old ST scrubbed up beautifully :-)


  1. Well, that has got to be the best bang for buck ... EVER! Very nice setup btw!

  2. Basically my machine but with a mono monitor and no keyboard cable issues... amazed you got it for under a quid :-o

    1. I know right. Last amazing purchase I ever made sadly... I doubt I'll ever land this lucky again :D