Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magicland Dizzy

Being a bit of an odd bod, I've never taken much time to play any of the Dizzy games so figured I should choose one from this hugely popular series and see where it takes me. I've decided on Magicland Dizzy, probably because I was reminded of Stormbringer from my Spectrum 128 days. Amusingly, I've gone and picked one which wasn't designed by the Oliver Twins but Neal Vincent and programmed by Derek Leigh-Gilchrist of Captain Dynamo fame.

Well, having literally only played a few minutes, I can honestly say I'm shocked at how superb this is. The controls are spot-on perfect and I'm getting the distinct impression that my old brain won't be frustrated by any stupid puzzles. The graphics are beautiful with amazing cartoon artwork and lots of neat animations and other cool effects. Just look at that mean-looking troll in the animation above - this is better than watching Nick Jr! Okay, I think it's time I rescued Dylan, but Dozy is fast asleep so I should figure out how to wake him... Yep, I think I've enjoyed being an egg!

Have a blessed Easter everyone †


 - 8BitChip have adapted this cute little egg for hard drive installation!
 - For those who need a floppy Menu CD then look no further than Old Games Finder.
 - I've found a nifty map by Dizzy's Lair which might come in handy.
 - GameFAQs has a walkthrough, but I'm not using it. Well, not yet anyways!

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