Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magicland Dizzy

Being a bit of an odd bod, I've never taken much time to play any of the Dizzy games so figured I should choose one from this hugely popular series and see where it takes me. I've decided on Magicland Dizzy, probably because I was reminded of Stormbringer from my Spectrum 128 days. Amusingly, I've gone and picked one which wasn't designed by the Oliver Twins but Neal Vincent and programmed by Derek Leigh-Gilchrist of Captain Dynamo fame.

The graphics are beautiful with cartoon artwork by Leigh Christian (Magic Boy) which includes lots of neat animations and effects. Just look at that mean-looking troll in the animation above - it's better than watching Nick Jr. Audio hasn't been forgotten with stunning chip music to enjoy throughout. It's YM-tastic and I loved it!!

Well, having literally only played a few minutes, I can honestly say I'm shocked at how superb this is. The controls are spot-on perfect and I'm getting the distinct impression that my old brain won't be frustrated by any stupid puzzles. Okay, I think it's time I rescued Dylan? But Dozy is fast asleep so I should figure out how to wake him...

Have a blessed Easter everyone †


 - 8BitChip have adapted this cute little egg for hard drive installation!
 - For those who need a floppy Menu CD then look no further than Old Games Finder.
 - I've found a nifty map by Dizzy's Lair which might come in handy.
 - GameFAQs has a walkthrough, but I'm not using it. Well, not yet anyways!

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