Saturday, January 02, 2016


The Atari ST is blessed with a gigantic, and assorted public domain library, which also includes a fantastic gaming section. Here is one such example, a brilliant shoot 'em up called Annihilator by Robert HC Leong that was released back in 1991 through the esteemed Budgie UK label (a company I really do miss)

Annihilator features lots of baddies swarming above your spaceship called Insectoids and you need to move left and right to dodge their attacks whilst slamming on your fire button like a crazy fool. There are bosses to battle with and you will be grateful for those infrequent power-ups that replenish your ship's shield or increase its firepower. Does this sound a little familiar? Yes, of course, it does but what it lacks in originality it is compensated by an obviously talented programmer. Annihilator performs more like a quality commercial game with its smooth-as-silk visuals.

Annihilator is professionally produced and plays beautifully. Definitely a Crash Smash from me!!


 - Check out the GamerBlitz website which was an interesting find, to say the least ;-)
 - 8BitChip have a hard drive installable game and floppies are available via Old Games Finder.
 - Update: We have since interviewed the man himself, Robert HC Leong!
 - Fancy skipping levels? Pause the game (SPACE) and then hold SHIFT and hit keys F1-F10 for the required level.

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