Monday, July 02, 2018


Feeling the need for speed, I booted up Overdrive by Ross McNaughton which he developed in 1996 using STOS. It's an overhead racer similar to Super Cars or Power Up and features 25 different GEM-green tracks!

After listening to the horrendous title music [nails on a blackboard] you're asked for your initials before viewing a diagram of the first track. The physics are pretty dodgy but controls are easy to learn so it won't be long before you're tearing up the asphalt after a track or two. However, that's about as deep as it gets because your opponents are like laid back Sunday drivers plus there are no differing road surfaces, weather conditions, car repairs, etc...

Okay, I'm probably being too harsh because Overdrive isn't a polished commercial offering and there is some good racing fun to be had. Sadly, it's far too easy and soon gets very repetitive so it wasn't long before things became rather monotonous and why I abruptly ended my video recording. Enjoyable for a few minutes but nothing more...?

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