Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bug Spray

Pssst, wanna play a game bursting with originality? Then check out Bug Spray, developed by Philip Bishop which should please gamers with green fingers - especially those old enough to remember the 1983 Speccy original.

Lots of sunflowers need protecting from various hungry pests who love to nibble. To stop our sunflower from slowly dying, we have three different cans of bug spray. Each one is designed to kill only one specific creature but spraying others (with the wrong bug spray) will stun them for a few seconds. Sadly, our gardener can only carry one at a time and this is what makes the gameplay such a rush battling against the critters as they swarm in for to feed.

Just like Jet Pac, this isn't an exact conversion but plays great and brought back many happy memories. The graphics are pretty much ZX Spectrum standards but the sprites are pretty cute, especially the spiders. Sound effects are adequate but there is also the option for chip music which is a far better choice. My only criticism is manoeuvring our gardener to pick-up a can of bug spray which I personally found finicky walking into this tiny area...

Yep, Bug Spray is a blatant rip-off but I've still enjoyed playing what is essentially the Atari ST version of Pssst!

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