Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Last Trooper

Last year, I spent several fantastic weeks enjoying Where Time Stood Still but was later left deflated because I also wanted to play The Great Escape, which is a truly outstanding affair. Alas, the Atari ST game was never meant to be, but wipe away those snowflake tears because there might be light at the end of this 16-Bit tunnel?

Here we have Mastertronic's very own The Last Trooper which appears to be more than a tad inspired by Ocean's 8-Bit classic! However, the historic storyline and adventure elements are completely gone in favour of four-levels of brutal arcade-style killing so go and grab your big boy pants because this is going to be tough!

Escape the POW Camp like the A-Team before attacking your foes. Watch out for the GEM-green mines!

We're a muscle-bound Schwarzenegger trapped inside an isometric POW camp. Oddly, we already have a machine gun but must find a way to escape before attacking the enemy to destroy their base. The enemy comes thick and plentiful but will run around like headless chicken which can be very annoying. Other soldier's hideout in trenches or operating gun turrets but you should also look out for other tricky traps, like camouflaged mines.

The controls are simple and responsive but I initially found it frustrating lining up a shot to kill these frantic headless chickens - it's almost like they don't care about you being there!! Anyhow, your crusade won't last very long unless you eat food left carelessly lying about and top-up your weapon with fresh ammo. Lots of other essential items are available: ropes are always handy and there's oddly a huge supply of wire cutters left inside the POW camp...

Things got tiresome by the third level but the fourth is explosive!! Although it's a shame about the ending...

I've quite enjoyed The Last Trooper - but only after activating a trainer for infinite lives. Without that, I failed to beat the second level due to the ridiculous difficulty thanks to those headless chickens that blindly shoot everything with extreme efficiency. I do wonder if anyone actually bothered to beta test this before release?

Overall, an above average shooter but I'll stick with Fernandez Must Die and Ocean's original Speccy game. However, if you have a green vest and wanna flex those muscles then grab either the floppy or hard disk version.

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