Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tomtar is a freeware game released in 1993 for the Atari STe by a collaboration of minds calling themselves UTEN (NewCore, XiA, Toxic Twins & Unit 17).

Gnomes, tomtars, whatchamacallits are somehow breeding like bacteria and will soon take over the world unless something is done and quick! This is going to be such a massive undertaking, far too much for any mere mortal, so let's ask the Grim Reaper to help us. Unfortunately, there are far too many evil Tomtar's for Mr Reaper to handle by himself so he will need a little divine intervention - in the form of a machine gun!!

Yes, you heard me right, so let's help the mythical Reaper to destroy these Tomtar thingamajigs! In the right corner of your screen is an Orch who appears to be in charge - kill him, and you will advance to the next level. Use the mouse to shoot them but beware because this isn't going to be easy because they can walk, run, bounce and fly their way across the screen. Gameplay becomes frantic and far more chaotic the further you progress.
My high score is 78,250 (under emulation) and 94,740 (using my Atari STE). What's yours?
This is great gun-fun but it would have been nice to have the right mouse button performing a secondary action like lobbing a grenade or something. Also, the background image never changes and this is a shame. Tomtar isn't perfect and it's completely insane, so hardly anything to take too seriously other than a few minutes of superb stress-busting fun. And I enjoyed it a bunch!! Highly recommended. (clickety click for the Atari STe download)

Tomtar intro - this is quite funny (if stupid) so enjoy ;-)

Recorded under emulation - best experienced using a real Atari STe