Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tomtar is a freeware game released back in 1993 for the Atari STE by a collaboration of talented minds calling themselves UTEN (NewCore, XiA, Toxic Twins & Unit 17). I stumbled upon by this purely by accident when wading through some old Menu CD's and, at first, I thought it was totally pointless and a bit rubbish. But after some time, I realised I had been enjoying myself with this strangely addictive game and I didn't know why!

Gnomes, tomtars whatchamacallits are somehow breeding like bacteria, they've then turned evil and will soon take over the world unless something is done sharp! This is going to be a massive undertaking, far too much for any mere mortal so let's get the Grim Reaper to help us! Unfortunately, there are far too many Tomtar's even for Mr Reaper so he will need a little divine intervention - in the form of a machine gun. Yes, you heard me right. You are the mythical Reaper himself and it's your job to destroy evil Tomtar thingamajigs! Use your mouse to shoot them but beware because this isn't going to be easy - they can walk, run, bounce and fly their way at you. In the corner of the screen is an Orch who appears to be in charge - kill him and you will advance to the next level. Gameplay becomes frantic and far more chaotic the further you progress.

It would have been nice to have had a selection of different backdrops to play on and the entire experience does become repetitive. Also, pressing the right mouse button pauses the game but it would have been better if this instead actioned a secondary function - like throwing a grenade or making the Reaper duck the oncoming onslaught?

Tomtar is a completely insane idea and hardly anything to take seriously, which is just ace. It's a few minutes of stress-busting fun & I enjoyed it a bunch. You can download Tomtar from Demozoo and I believe there is a "special edition" later released for the STFM. Ultimately, this is an Atari STE game and thus I haven't tested for compatibility for the older ST... (I believe it works without sound effects? YMMV)

... my high score is 78,250 (emulation) and 94,740 (my Atari STE). What's yours?

Tomtar intro - this is quite funny (and stupid). Enjoy ;-)

Recorded under emulation - best played on a real Atari STE