Saturday, January 16, 2016

weekend warrior

Wanted attempts to rip off numerous established shoot 'em ups and it's obvious we have another Commando or Ikari Warriors wannabe but crude is certainly the word for this old Infogrames game from 1988. It sucks big time, in comparison to the above-mentioned games, but I feel there is also something curiously likable. I'm just not sure what exactly! So ignoring the start which plays the most insanely awful music, we have our John Wayne hero out for a stroll through the most vicious dusty towns in search of outlaws. As the screen scrolls, you should whack that fire button and shoot your way through Dodge. Oddly your bullets spray out in all forward directions, but I imagine it would be far too difficult a game otherwise? Do watch out for those enemy bullets, they might be slow but are precise! Shoot any barrels for power-ups like weapons, shield, etc.

Apart from the extreme lack of originality in both theme and gameplay, this is a tough and enjoyable shooter. It might feel like it was thrown together for a laugh but overall I would say this - it is so bad it's actually good!


 - 8BitChip has a version which can be installed onto hard drive!
 - Old Games Finder can be used to dig out floppy disk images.