Saturday, January 16, 2016


Wanted attempts to rip-off numerous established shoot 'em ups and it's obvious we have another Gunsmoke/Ikari Warriors wannabe on our hands. Ignoring the start, which plays incredibly awful music, we are a John Wayne strolling through the most vicious dusty towns in search of the outlaws which is every guy's dream!

As the screen scrolls, whack the fire button and shoot your way through Dodge. Watch out for enemy bullets, they might be slow but are extremely precise and I was tired of walking into them!! Also, power-ups are on offer so shoot the barrels for weapons, shield, etc. Wanted is crude but there is something curiously likeable too, I'm just not sure what exactly. Apart from the lack of originality, it's actually quite enjoyable. Not a bad game at all.

Download the hard drive installable game from 8BitChip with floppies available via Old Games Finder.

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