Friday, January 29, 2016


I'm still stuck in monochrome land, so this morning I dug out an old friend from the attic: ProFlight by Nick Brown, HiSoft. Obviously, this works in colour but it's also fully compatible with ST High so let's jump inside my Panavia Tornado and take it for a spin, Maverick style!

Now, I do remember labouring over ProFlight back in the day and today I wondered how my older and wiser(?) brain would cope (don't hold your breath!). Emphasis is certainly on simulated realism so you're out of luck if you thought this was a humble arcade-style combat game. But that doesn't mean it's all work and no play because once you've got over the hefty learning curve, there is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to be had. Boy, this is such a professionally produced product coming in a huge box with a weighty manual (I'll never read it)! ProFlight will run fine on a stock Atari ST but will certainly benefit from faster computers, my own Mega STE handles the graphical details beautifully so I can only imagine how a TT or Falcon will perform!

So today I shall be learning HiSoft's monster flight simulator all over again and enjoying the dizzy heights and its great vector landscapes. Well, before I run out of fuel and finish off looking like a gigantic red pizza on the ground!


 - I made a little Vine recording to show off ProFlight.
 - 8BitChip has created a version which can be installed to hard drive.
 - For those that require floppy disk images look no further than Old Games Finder.
 - AtariMania lists ProFlight within their ST database website.