Friday, January 29, 2016


This morning I played ProFlight by Nick Brown of HiSoft and jumped inside my Panavia Tornado to take it for a spin - Maverick style. It runs fine on any Atari ST but will certainly benefit from faster computers: my Mega STE delivered an astounding framerate boost. As you can see, it's fully compatible in all graphical modes.

Now, I do remember labouring over ProFlight back in the day so wondered how my older (and wiser?) brain would cope with this monster flight simulator. The main emphasis is on simulated realism so you're out of luck if you thought this was an arcade-style combat shooter. However, that doesn't mean it's all work and no play because, once you've got over the hefty learning curve, there is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to be had.

Man, this is such a professional product and one that comes in a large box with a weighty manual - it's like something from real flight school training! Yes, this is an incredible flight sim for techie gurus to drool over and certainly one of the most rewarding sims I have ever played. HiSoft are trusting you with their precious plane which can be flown using either a floppy disk or your hard drive. Please be careful and don't crash it!!

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