Thursday, January 28, 2016

health check

Diamond Edge is one of the fundamental utilities for all Atari computers. It's as essential today as it was back in the day and every machine equipped with a mass-storage device should have it.

Test Disk is a necessary feature which will scan for various types of potential problems. Only the other day this saved my bacon because Drive C (a 32MB partition) suddenly reported itself at 22MB. Why I do not know, but Diamond Edge came to the rescue and fixed several serious issues. Nothing was lost and the drive is 100% again... (phew!!!). I have also found it particularly useful to optimise (defrag) all partitions in order to better stream audio and other storage-demanding apps will also likely benefit, ST Video Player for example. Typically, this task will always be a good idea to run on a frequent basis. Don't even get me started with Undelete. I do love this function of the program!

I have barely scratched the surface and needless to say, Diamond Edge is a life-saving application. An exceptional utility that can perform diagnostic health checks, recovery, optimisation and much more. Remember folks, prevention is better than any cure so don't be daft! This is an essential Atari ST product. #essential


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