Monday, January 04, 2016


Pac-Mania is based on the original but it's now played through a scrolling 3D perspective and the little yellow fella can now jump, genius! However, the original ST version suffered a small play area compared to other versions but was still generally well received. Gee, I wonder how an Atari STe might handle the game?

Well, entering into the 16-Bit arena is Samuel (aka Zamuel_A) with a version that is specifically designed to make full use of the enhanced hardware. Gameplay now takes place in overscan, flowing along at 50fps thanks to the hardware scrolling with the Blitter handling the sprites. The DMA hardware plays the sampled sounds with our good ol' YM2149 banging out the chiptunes. I'm gobsmacked, I think he has utilised every part of the computer!

PacMania has literally been transformed for the 21st century and it's impossible not to be blown away by Samuel's hard work. I personally feel he's taken a good game and made it a zillion times better by using every ounce of power from within the Atari STe. A fascinating revamp of the arcade favourite and now far more enjoyable than ever.


 - Download link is right here from Atari-Forum!
 - I made a video recording for all those that don't believe how fantastic it is.
 - Here is an older video recording I made but PLEASE play using a real Atari STe!!