Monday, January 04, 2016


Pac-Mania was released in 1989 by Grandslam and is based on the original arcade classic which was pretty cool and generally well-received at the time. This new version saw our little pill-popper change from an overhead 2D perspective to cool 3D isometric and because the play area was so large it now scrolled. Pacman himself saw an upgrade too by having the ability to jump - even though he has no legs! Sadly, the Atari ST version suffered a smaller screen because of a weighty status panel. Gee, I wonder how an Atari STe might handle this game...

Well, I'm glad you asked! Entering into the 16-Bit arena is Samuel (aka Zamuel_A) with a new upgrade specifically designed to make use of the Atari STe and its enhanced hardware. Gameplay now takes place in overscan and flows at 50fps thanks to the hardware scrolling. The Blitter co-processor handles the sprites and the DMA Audio hardware plays all the sampled sound effects with our sweet YM2149 banging out chiptunes - which are better than Tracker MODs!! Well, I am totally gobsmacked and I'm sure Samuel has utilised every part of the computer?

PacMania has been transformed for the 21st century so it's impossible not to be blown away by Samuel's hard work. A fascinating revamp of the arcade favourite and now far more enjoyable than ever. Absolutely superb!!

The latest version is available directly from Atari-Forum! and here's another video I've recorded.

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