Sunday, January 10, 2016

SND #fun

Yesterday, I was slamming through the SNDH Archive and bopping along like the crazy fool that I am. Then I figured it would be a nice idea to share with y'all the software I used to play these great tunes on my Atari STe. Enjoy! :-)

SND Player - I really like this program. It might look ugly in the 4 colour medium resolution but it sounds just dandy and that's what matters. I do tend to use this in ST Low! (download)

JAM - Quite possibly the most well known of all the players and deservedly so because it's brilliant and can handle a variety of formats and it always sounds great. However, it's a bit of a plain jane but there is also a version which doesn't use GEM and is far sexier looking! (download)

GEMPlay - this is a cut-down version of YesCREW's Falcon player and, because we have no DSP processor, there are a few features removed. Thankfully, this "Lite" version can still play SNDH tunes perfectly and, like SND Player, I strongly recommend ST Low over ST Medium! (download)

KrapSNDH - I adore the simplicity of this TTP by Anders Eriksson. Simply drag & drop a music file onto it (or install as an application) and it will begin playing without a fancy interface. (download)