Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Fuzzy talk no more!

I've always loved Gold Runner which is a technical masterpiece by legend, Steve Bak. He proved when in the hands of a talented programmer, the Atari ST is more than capable to produce wondrous results. Other (lame) programmers would whine and complain but Mr Bak simply got the job done perfectly each and every time.

Okay, honest time, I'm actually terrible at this ultra fast-paced shoot 'em up and I was never too fond of that dreaded fuzzy speech. It was fine back in the day and is humorously entertaining but it soon wears thin and distracts me during gameplay... Perhaps I'm just old and grumpy but I've never really liked it. Sorry!

Good news - Peter Putnik has updated Goldrunner for hard drive installation and an option to disable the speech!! All you gotta do is press the F3 key so clickety-click and download this sweet update to the ST classic.

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  1. I guess the music key cycles through normal music, FX, and STe stereo or something? When you turned it back on in that video it sounded weird, like some of the "instruments" were missing... and only one of my laptop speakers is working at the moment...