Sunday, January 17, 2016

United States Navy SEALs

Here is a game with few friends! Upon first impressions, Navy Seals appears to be an arcade style platformer but it's anything but a typical run and gun 'em all. Released by the mighty Ocean Software in 1990, this is ruthless a game of stealth, tactics, advanced route planning, and extreme personal perseverance. Sounds like fun, right?

Taking down scumbag terrorists is all part of the job when you're a member of the fearless US Navy SEALS. Our missing requires us to sneak into the lion's den, kill everyone and plant explosives to destroy their stockpile of missiles. Visually, Navy Seals is a babe with gorgeous great retro graphics. I just love the beautiful character animation as you run, leap, climb and sneak about. Sound effects do their job very well and the music is a cool chiptune to bop along too. Aesthetically, all is very nice but let's get onto the nitty gritty - why is it feared so much?

I don't think it should be feared in the slightest but it will require a committed player willing to spend many hours mastering the levels. Each map is a layout of cunning platforms within a maze of trigger-happy bad guys. It's all about covert tactics, so play slowly and carefully to learn where the enemy are located. Many practice games will be required to plan the best route from start to end, this is vital and the only way to successfully complete your mission.

There are two drawbacks with Navy Seals. The first is the time limit which I think is far too harsh, at least for me. I also don't understand why Ocean didn't include a way to unlock each level, this is pretty crazy!

I love Navy Seals but it sure ain't no arcade-style shooter. Instead, it's an incredibly tough escapade of cunning strategy that requires the player to learn each level thoroughly. So do not expect a cakewalk, it will take practice (i.e. death!) to work out an efficient route before that timer expires. Potentially, a brutal but rewarding game!


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 - Hard drive installable versions are available from both D-Bug and 8bitchip.
 - Floppy disk games can be found using Old Games Finder.
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 - Cheating time:
          > Type in WOZZIE into the high score table to activate the cheat mode.
          > Begin a new game. Press W for weapons or RETURN to advance onto the next level.
 - Some tips:
          > Dawdle when learning the maps - slow and steady wins the race.
          > Play draft games and make notes of the most efficient route. Exhilarating is the word!!!
          > Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! :-)