Sunday, January 17, 2016

United States Navy SEALs

Here is a game with few friends. Many have attempted this tough nut, yet so few make the grade. Upon first impressions, Navy Seals appears to be an arcade style platformer but it's anything but your typical run and gun 'em all. Released by the mighty Ocean Software back in 1990, this is ruthless a game of stealth, tactics, advanced route planning and extreme personal perseverance.

Visually, Navy Seals is a babe with its great retro graphics and I just love the beautiful character animation as you run, leap, climb and sneak about. Sound effects do their job very well and the music is a cool chiptune to bop along too. Aesthetically, all is very nice but let's get onto the nitty gritty - why is this game so feared? Navy Seals is one of my favourite games on the Atari ST and I certainly don't think it should be feared in the slightest. It needs a gamer willing to put in the time and effort because it's all about covert tactics, so play carefully as you learn where the enemy are and also plan the best route because this adventure is challenging, not impossible. The only negative is a lacking feature to resume your saved progress, which would help tremendously in later levels.

Being part of an elite team of fearless US Navy SEALS, taking down the scumbag terrorist is second nature, but you will also need to plant explosives and destroy their stockpile of missiles. An unforgiving time limit is your main enemy so you will need to replay each level numerous times in order to learn where both the missiles and bad guys are located. So do not expect a cakewalk, it will take practice (i.e. death!) to work out an efficient route before that timer expires. Overall, I love Navy Seals but it sure ain't no arcade-style shooter! Instead, it's an incredibly tough escapade of cunning strategy that requires a committed gamer to learn each level thoroughly. A brutal but brilliant game!


 - Say hello to my YouTube video recording which shows extreme gaming talent like never before seen!
 - AtariMania has Navy Seals within their excellent ST database.
 - Fancy installing Navy Seals to your hard drive? You can thank the D-Bug guys!
 - 8bitchip have created their own hard drive installable game too :-)
 - Of course, you may instead want a floppy disk version and Old Games Finder has tons to pick from.
 - Enjoy my rocket pie, sucker!
 - Do you fancy a quick little cheat? Of course, you do!
          -> Type in WOZZIE into the high score table to activate the cheat mode.
          -> Begin a new game. Press W for weapons or RETURN to advance onto the next level.
 - Feeling stuck? Had enough? Ripping out your hair? Do you need some help?
          -> Dawdle when learning the maps - slow wins the race!
          -> Make notes of the most efficient route and, when you're happy, restart a fresh game and then scamper through as quick as you can! Exhilarating is the word!!!