Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cannon Fodder

This was released back in 1993 and is such an iconic game which needs no introduction chit chat from me! However, this is also a sore subject because it's such a lazy port! Thankfully, a recent update allows Cannon Fodder to play 25KHz stereo music in the background streamed directly from off your hard drive using an Atari STe. Being a coprocessor, this has no effect on the CPU and that means zero performance impact to your gameplay. Great!

This upgrade was created by a familiar name in the Atari world, Peter Putnik. I feel he has transformed Cannon Fodder by practically reinventing the game. The only caveat is the obvious hard drive requirement, preferably an Ultrasatan. If you wanted, you can go one step further and choose something from your own library to play within Cannon Fodder. I have converted many and currently ZZ Top's Gun Love is playing.

Give this old veteran a blast of fresh air and download yourself this update - now!

I cannot record and play so here is a badly made Vine!
[ taken from my own Atari STe ]