Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cannon Fodder [Atari STe update]

[ Metallica streamed from my own Atari STe computer ]

Peter Putnik has upgraded Cannon Fodder to support playback of 25KHz digital music - Yes, during the gameplay. This new upgrade is making use of the cool DMA audio hardware inside the Atari STe and (because it's a coprocessor) the entire thing eats up zero CPU time, thus not impacting on the performance whatsoever.

Of course, you need an Ultrasatan/hard drive/etc to store the music file, which can be quite large. However, it can be anything you choose and Peter has instructions on how to create your own music files. You can hear what my STe is playing in the clip above. Yes, it's my own Atari STe and it's playing the entire song. Which is just fantastic!! :)

Overall, this is an amazing audio upgrade for what is sadly a shameful and lazy Amiga port...

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