Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cannon Fodder [Atari STe update]

Ugh, a lame port...

Yep, Cannon Fodder could have and should have been far better for the Atari ST. Alas, it was a rushed lame-ass port. However, cry no more tears for Peter Putnik has upgraded the game to support audio playback of 25KHz digital music - during gameplay. This is making use of the DMA hardware lurking inside the Atari STe and (because it's a coprocessor) there is no CPU usage thus zero impact on the game's performance whatsoever.

Of course, you will need an Ultrasatan or other hard drive device to store the music file. This can be anything you like and instructions are included in the zip file on how to use something from your own music library. It's dead easy to convert music using Audacity. Click on my video, above...

What an incredible upgrade - it's something else hearing real music blasting out from your Atari STe speakers. I'm only gutted it's Cannon Fodder getting this amazing upgrade. Why? Because it's a pile of rubbish using flick-screen horizontal scrolling. That not only gets you killed but also kills any enjoyment you might have had.

I hope Peter uses this technology again - for better Atari ST games. Fingers crossed!

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