Thursday, January 21, 2016

Video Games 1

This was developed by Andrei Ellman of Wacko Software and it's a crazy mix of three classics: Pong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. But with a cunning twist, all three are simultaneously playable using the one joystick. Crazy!!

Okay, it is weird but it oddly works. However, I found myself concentrating more on Space Invaders and occasionally playing Pac-Man. Scarcely did I bother with Pong, not until I had died in one of the other two games. I guess my brain was fried by this point or perhaps I was slowly turning into a Vulcan, yet I was also hooked.

The controls are crazy: Pong is controlled by holding down the fire button and then moving up/down. Pac-Man is initially very confusing so I advise you read the docs but Space Invaders has the most simplistic controls - left/right moves your ship and pushing up or down will fire your weapon. It all sounds "wacko" yet it works perfectly!

If things are visually confusing then you can invert the colours by pressing the "I" key which might look ugly but it's easier on the eyes. Also, the numerical keypad can brighten or darken colours certain colours from each of the games - pressing "9" a few times will brighten Space Invaders whereas "5" will darken PacMan. This does help and it plays to experiment. I think Andrei was one crazy, mixed-up kid and was probably having a good laugh when developing this. Video Games 1 is nothing to be taken seriously and is ridiculously good fun!


 - Don't miss out and download the game right away :-)
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