Tuesday, June 06, 2017


This is one of the few games I can still actually remember lifting off the shelf to admire the gorgeous box art before spending the cash. It truly is outstanding and I love the lush colour in stark contrast to those brutal warriors which is so scary but perfect illustrates the savage gameplay ahead - if you feel brave enough to open the box?

Well, I was because Hewson is a name I have always associated with quality and they never released a poor port. Programmed by Chris Hinsley, of Custodian fame, this is a horizontally scrolling hack and club 'em all with huge explosions lighting up the colourful screen of beautiful medieval artwork. The music is perfectly suited for the medieval theme and is accompanied by meaty sound samples for the grunts, a sword's metallic clang, and booming explosions. Yes, this is one loud platformer bursting with eye candy carnage and I love every violent second of it!

It requires lots of practice but Onslaught its one of my favourite Atari ST games.


 - Stonish have lots of compact disks w/ Onslaught but I personally recommend FOF #51.
 - AtariMania features the oddly mixed reviews by both ST Format and ST Action.
 - There are more Hewson games featured right here on AtariCrypt along with lots more Atari ST box art too!!


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