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Tuesday, June 06, 2017


It's time for another hardcopy trip down memory lane and I can still remember lifting this one off the shelf. At first, it was only to admire the gorgeous box art. Wow, its medieval imagery is so captivating but I loved those lush colours which are in stark contrast to the brutal warriors. I think this is great artwork and quite scary too, so it perfectly illustrates the savage gameplay ahead. So, if you feel brave enough, shall we open the box?

Phew!! I was more than brave - I paid the money and bought what was possibly my first Hewson game for the ST. I always enjoyed their Spectrum games, this is a company I associate with quality. Each and (almost) every title appeared to have time and love put into its development. Never did they release a lame Amiga port. Respect.

Onslaught was programmed by Chris Hinsley, he of Custodian fame, and is a horizontally-scrolling hack and club 'em all to death battle. This exciting platformer has us killing everything in sight with massive explosions that beautifully light up the colourful backdrops and grungy medieval scenery. The music is perfectly suited for the theme and accompanied by meaty sound samples for all the grunts, booms, and metallic clangs of the weapons!!

This is a tough game that requires lots of practice but stick with it because Onslaught is superb. It's loud, stuffed full of brutal carnage, and it is so much fun. One of my favourite Atari ST games back then and now.

Download the floppies - I love FOF #51.


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