Friday, June 16, 2017


Sorry guys, I'm leaving the Atari ST scene because I now prefer a slower computer and have therefore decided to switch. Don't be sad, it was bound to happen soon or later. Okay, don't sweat it too much because this is the infamous Amiga Emulator by Philip Nelson which is nothing more than a bit of fun so you can relax again!

This Amiga "emulator" can be found all over the internet but I recommend Quartet #30 via Stonish. The disk also includes a couple of nice music demos which work on all STs with the option of stereo playback on the Atari STe and that's just too cool not to experience! (Quartet Compilation by The Bootlegger | Twitch's Digisound by Nsonic)

Right, let's get back to GEM and our faster clock cycle...