Saturday, June 03, 2017

Pure Energy #42

I love this Compact Disk released by Pure Energy, early in 1993. It has a gorgeous plasma running in overscan whilst playing excellent chipmusic by Crawdaddy. The text might give it a simplistic feel but did you notice anything a little different? The disk contains Doodle Bug and Centipede which are both pretty nice games worth playing.

Tidbit: I bought both of these games and I even wrote a letter to Core Design telling them how much I loved Doodle Bug. Yes, I am a lamer but kudos to them because they wrote back! Unfortunately, they confirmed that they were dropping the Atari ST and advised me to buy a console - the Playstation (IIRC). Sigh... a bittersweet reply! :/


 - Pure Energy CDs can be found on Stonish but it looks like they're missing a few... Can you help?
 - Crawdaddy's chiptune can be download off Demozoo.
 - You can find out more Plasma information via the Demo Encyclopedia website.