Monday, June 26, 2017

Criminals In Disguise #22

I love anything with swirling dots, sine scrollers and overscan so this intro by Criminals In Disguise is right up my street. The fx are very nice with beautiful hum-tastic chipmusic that I can leave playing all day! The video recording is fine but (you know what I'm going to say) it's best experienced using a real Atari computer for a perfect framerate and better sound. Especially on the Atari STe, so connect it up to your speakers and crank up the volume!!

However, its contents aren't exactly what you'd call exciting - rubbish is one way to put it! The disk redeems itself with Jetpac, which is an awesome conversion recently featured here. Anyhow, I do love sine scrollers and this one is nice so I'm now on the lookout for other Menu CDs (not demos) with a better example... Any recommendations?


 - Criminals In Disguise #22 can be downloaded from the awesome Stonish website!
 - You must play Jetpac, the Atari ST got a belting conversion of the ZX Spectrum classic.
 - Play the original ZX Spectrum game on your Atari ST using emulation:
             > Artemis is a great b/w emulator which only works on 8MHz Atari ST/e computers.
             > Speccy is another emulator w/ support for colours and faster Atari computers too.