Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Whipper Snapper's Race

Merge a little "Horace Goes Skiing" together with the visuals from Cannon Fodder and we have Whipper Snapper's Race. This skier is by New Design in 1996 and programmed by Petr Sumbera in Omikron Basic, of all things!!

Max is a dude who must ski through several vertically scrolling environments in a race against the clock to reach the finishing line. Navigate left or right to pass each obstacle but don't bump into any or you will fall flat on your bum and begin seeing stars! Pushing up will reduce your speed whilst pulling down will increase it and pressing fire will allow a near pointless leap into the air. So the controls are very easy and you have the option of using joystick or keyboard, I prefer the latter. It's a relief to see passwords are supported to directly access each mission, an excellent method to instantly replay those difficult levels without having to start over from the beginning. This is truly superb!

Max enjoys racing on either Atari ST computer and is certainly more at home on the STe where he's very vocal during gameplay! We also have 25Khz stereo tracker tunes and all this is thanks to the DMA hardware. Graphics are military grade with super smooth scrolling and lots of neat little touches borrowed from the Sensible Software's archives. Gorgeous attention to detail throughout and I felt like dumping the skis for a machine gun rampage!

Skiing in Cannon Fodder... never been so much fun... (sorry!). Okay, Whipper Snapper's Race is superb and I've really enjoyed playing this humble yet intriguing game. Thanks to the great controls, it's easy to pick up and play plus each "mission" is challenging with a cunningly tricky design and the password system that ensures longevity. This is a shockingly addictive game - just try not to crash when laughing at the silly sound effects!!


 - I've made a floppy disk image for all you dudes stuck in 3.5" hell :^)
 - Download the hard drive installable game from Demozoo and get racing!
 - Petr's website is still up and running after all these years and still offers a download and much information!!

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