Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Whipper Snapper's Race

What do you get if you merge together "Horace Goes Skiing" with Cannon Fodder? Easy, it's called Whipper Snapper's Race by Petr Sumbera of New Design. It was developed using Omikron Basic, of all things, and stars Max - a dude who loves to go skiing through many vertically-scrolling levels in a familiar land...

Navigate left/right to pass each obstacle but don't bump into anything otherwise you're flat on your bum - seeing stars! Pushing up will reduce your speed whilst pulling down will increase it and fire will perform a pointless leap into the air. Passwords are used to access the "missions" without having to start over from the beginning. Yes!!

Skiing in Cannon Fodder... never been so much fun... (sorry!). Okay, Whipper Snapper's Race is absolutely superb and I've really enjoyed playing this humble yet intriguing game. Thanks to the great controls, it's easy to pick up and play but still presents an excellent challenge too. Whipper Snapper's Race is shockingly addictive!!


I've made a floppy disk for those stuck in 3.5" hell :^)
Download the hard drive-installable game from Demozoo!
Wow, Petr's website is still up and running after all these years!!

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