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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Commodore 64

I'd bet good money that this is the last thing you ever expected to see here? Well, I've had this C64 emulator on my drive for a long while and figured that it was about time did something with it. So I started my day by trawling through Old Games Finder looking for cool games which I remembered seeing in C&VG magazine in the early/mid-80s. I really wanted to play Pitfall, Manic Miner and Staff Of Karnath but sadly I had zero success.

However, others did work (to a degree) but display text instead of pixels and some even crash the emulator. Yes, I should have read the docs first - lol - yeah right. Basically, games aren't supported if they demand fancy scrolling, sprites or joystick control, etc... but what could work are applications, educational titles and so on. This includes exciting Type-Ins and text adventures which is impressive but hardly worth my hassle over the last few hours!

Okay, I'm no Commie expert but these commands might help to get you started:

   LOAD "$",10               (this loads the disk's directory into Ram)
   LIST                      (this lists that directory to screen)
   LOAD "filename.prg",10    (you've guessed it, this loads a program)
   RUN                       (go on, take a stab at what this might do!)

  Please note:
     - The "10" is the device ID for my Atari ST's hard drive.
     - If you are running the emulator from floppy disk then you should instead use "8".
     - Copy the Commodore ".PRG" programs into the same directory as the Atari file: "C64.TOS".
     - C64 emulation was tested on my 8MHz Atari STe and then Hatari (same spec) for the animation, above.

I'm not sure who to credit for this emulator but he did a great job and the docs indicate many useful intentions. This has been fun and the Commodore 64 is a pretty decent machine (shush don't tell anyone). However, I'm not sure how much longer I can stand the pain of having C64 software on my Atari ST's hard drive... it hurts already!!


 - The best download (that I've found) is on disk LAN-0066 via Floppyshop and it has the docs!
 - Stonish features Medway Boys #68 within their immense library (without docs).
 - Old Games Finder links to zillions of C64 stuff in the .PRG format. Just don't try and run these from GEM!! :p
 - Come on, you know I was itching to try this!!! (and it worked lol)

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