Monday, June 19, 2017


Spot... Erm sorry, Roger is a fast-paced 25 level platformer released by Tobe of MJJ. It offers a frantic run collecting jewels for a rather demanding girlfriend, Georgette. However, this "platformer" has many jewels scattered about - without any ladders and very few ledges to use!! So how will poor Roger complete his task?

Bubbles, of course! All he needs to do is jump on one and, when it bursts, that force thrusts him upwards. If there's another bubble, then the cycle continues and he uses that speed and momentum to reach all other required jewels. Roger has limited energy, so it's advisable to avoid the sharp spikes that burst on contact and drain valuable energy. Thankfully power-pills can be collected to compensate but they are often few and far between...

Roger is such a cool dude and Georgette is pretty much a babe with her luscious red lips!

Use the joystick to walk left or right with the fire button helping Roger leap with joy onto his first bubble. Once you begin bubble-jumping, it's simply a matter of altering your direction towards the next whilst passing the nearby jewels to collect as you're zooming through the air. Previously burst bubbles will reappear after a second or so and this cunningly allows you to revisit all the places that you may have missed or perhaps faltered on a hop.

The graphics are a mixed bag; Roger's sprite is superb with side-splitting animation and I could watch those lanky legs walk for hours!! Sadly, the in-game decor is quite boring with drab backgrounds that change every 5 levels. I'm sure better could have been designed with an itsy-bitsy more flare? However, the framerates are frighteningly fast with scrolling that leaves you gasping, all thanks to the Blitter coprocessor. It's breathtaking!

Roger's lanky legs allow him to walk really fast with spritely movement and high jumps.

Sound effects are crisp and perfectly suited to the game's style. I like the explosion sound for the spikes and magnificent chipmusic plays throughout. Well, I say magnificent but that's because I cannot think of a better word - it is absolutely amazing!! This certainly proves that chiptunes will last forever and I can listen to it all day long!!

Roger is quite a unique experience and feels like an airborne Boulder Dash. It's easy to pick up and play but learning the location of jewels might take some practice and can be a little disorientating at first. However, I guarantee you won't be able to put down your joystick because hopping from bubble to bubble looking for treasure is frantic and downright silly. Legendary gameplay that is extremely addictive and an awesome adrenalin rush!!


 - Roger can be found lurking on Demozoo and Pouet for floppy disk and hard drive installation.
 - 8BitChip also has a hard drive installable version ready to go.
 - TobĂ© excellent archive is fully detailed on Demozoo, although he did stray a little ;-)

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