Saturday, March 31, 2018


Monty Mole made it onto the Atari ST!!

I loved Monty Mole on my ZX Spectrum so I had high expectations of Impossamole. However, I was soon shocked to see a number of critical changes had been made and not always for the better. Why do they do that?

There are five huge levels to explore and you can begin on any of the first four, the fifth is locked until these are completed. Each is very different with its own unique environment, bad guys and cruel traps. Weirdly, this is now a scrolling platformer rather than the original flick-screen as seen in most games from that era.

However, the most shocking of all is that Monty can now fight back using karate kicks and weapons. It's a nice idea if the kicks had much effect and the weapons were plentiful and fun to use. Guess what, neither works and having Monty suddenly turn into a Mole version of Chuck Norris doesn't fit in with the original theme.

At least there's no Arthur Scargill

My first game began as an exciting stroll through memory lane with many familiar sights through a similar mining environment. However, my fun ended thanks to the basic mechanics which failed miserably. Things might appear nice but each level is impossibly tricky with enemies that appear to know your every move - before you've made it.

Also, Monty only has one life and it's not long until a couple of monsters have zapped your energy bar and "Game Over" comes all too soon. Sure, Monty can try to fight back with his kicks but those legs are way too short to be useful. The weapons are a neat idea but they're too few and far between. Nice ideas, badly executed.

My thoughts? As I said earlier, fighting back not only doesn't work here but it goes against the grain of what makes a Monty Mole game. The weapons are rubbish and his kicks are too short - well - moles only have little legs! This whole concept feels like an idea bolted onto the game last minute. It does not work.

Impossible Mole!

It doesn't matter which level I chose to play, the name Impossamole lives up to the expectations of being literally impossible. Every level will need to be pre-played to learn all the unfair and irritating traps that make no sense. Not to mention the enemies which are often impossible to kill and can appear from nowhere too.

That might actually sound 'fair' for a platformer but it doesn't work; the weaponry isn't good enough and the overall difficulty is constantly off the scale. Terrible, and incessantly far too tough. Whoever beta tested this game and then thought to themselves, "yes, it's ready" needs to be shot. Okay, I'm 30 years late - but shoot him anyways!

Can you tell I am absolutely gutted that I'm whinging about a game I was really excited about?

Graphics and Sounds?

Visually, this is a beautiful game with each level looking absolutely incredible. The attention to detail is stunning with highly detailed levels, gorgeous sprites and everything moves along smoother than a hot knife in soft butter. To say it's impressive is an understatement because it's absolutely brilliant in every respect. I have zero complaints.

The scrolling... Well done @Andy Green!! Nailed it. No lame Amiga port here, folks.

The title music is a rendition of the Rob Hubbard classic and is chiptune magic. This is something I can leave playing in the background all night long. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the sound effects which are sparse.

The CryptO'pinion?

I really don't know what to make of Impossamole. Technically, it's well-programmed with great visuals and fantastic joystick controls. It appears to have it all. However, it's simply far too difficult thus infuriating and without any enjoyment. Fancy releasing a game that's no fun? That's literally the opposite Core needed to do...

Impossamole could easily have been another Rick Dangerous but, alas, it's the weakest Monty game in the entire series for any computer. I'm tempted to add Impossamole onto my list!! Arrrgh, I hated this game!!

If you're curious, then floppy disks can be found here with a hard disk version by D-Bug.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The One

I've got quite a collection of Atari ST magazines and coverdisks but this disk has to be the best of the bunch. The text is something that I didn't really take any notice of at first but I've been giggling to myself over it:

"Visit interesting places, meet new people... and then kill them!". Funny!! Doubt they'd get away with it today...

Monday, March 26, 2018

Pacman On E's

Pac-Man? Again... yawn... boring!!

Yes, there are already lots of cracking Pacman games for the best 16-Bit computer on the planet so how does Pacman On E's differ? Well, it's been developed specifically for the enhanced Atari STe and, unlike so many lost shareware titles, this is actually the registered version that comes with lots of cool extras!

Pacman is timeless but this version takes the genre to a whole new level thanks to its furious speeds. There are 100 levels, zany visuals, funky music and a range of stereo sound effects: like the Road Runner's "meep meep" and that buzzer from Family Fortunes. Digital Dreams has made use of the extra colours, Blitter and DMA Audio. Interestingly, the Function Keys can be used to change the bass, treble and volume (and more).

Stuart Innes - Programming/Graphics
Robert Thompson - Graphics/Sfx
Alasdair Macmillan - Graphics

Play this game

PacMan On E's can be played solo and you'll find it to be the most hilariously challenging take on the original game. It's tripped out and stuffed with colourful visuals and a bucket load of whacky sound effects. The action and fast and exciting so never gets boring, which is kinda how the original does get after a while...

Best of all is the simultaneous two-player support especially when everyone is hunting for the power-ups. These offer a wide variety of silly effects and my video recording shows both myself and my daughter playing together. It was absolutely superb - but when she died she decided to cheat by covering my eyes with her hands. Hmm!

Download me!

You can grab this belting Pac-Man game from most ST websites but Peter, aka 8BitChip, has adapted the registered version which you can download from my Dropbox (whilst his website is currently offline). My greetings to Stuart Innes, Robert Thomson and Alasdair Macmillan for this wonderful game - awesome work fellas!!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Central Cavern

What's the ZX Spectrum doing here?

After my last post about the unreleased Atari ST version of Manic Miner, I got talking to my mate Peter Jørgensen who said he used to struggle to beat the first level. Of course, I laughed at him as I've actually completed it.

Okay, I struggled on The Warehouse and Skylab Landing Bay so had (ahem) extra lives but how could he struggle so much? So, with a bunch of arrogance, I downloaded the Speccy game and decided to record my success for him to weep over. However, it didn't go as well as I'd planned - perhaps I should have practised? lol

Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum is emulated by my Atari ST using this Speccy emulator. Note: the music slows it down so I turned it off. Otherwise, I'm mightily impressed with the emulation!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Manic Miner

(This teaser image was designed by Peter Jørgensen)

ST Review seemed to be pretty confident that Manic Miner was released for the Atari ST??
Sadly, I can find no evidence of this game being released. Can anybody help with information?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Playing with fractals the other week somehow got me thinking of David Braben's Virus - a game I've not played since the computer shops had Atari ST games on their shelves! Now, the original will always be best, but that's like comparing the STFM to a 32-Bit Falcon so we should stop right there because our Virus is a 16-Bit classic.

Going for a test flight over its chequered landscape (trying not to smash into anything) is an incredible experience. The mouse controls are tough but intuitive so will take considerable time to fully master. But stick with it because once you've got the feel of how it handles, there's a whole new amazing game waiting for you.

Visually, this is excellent. It's fast and smooth - better than the Amiga of course. I've gotta say, I love the ship's exhaust when it spurts out those lovely particles of thrusting power. Take it for a spin and enjoy watching the scenery whisky by... Sound effects are crisp and refreshing with the YM2149 chip doing us proud.

Overall, this game rocks and is a fantastic 16-bit conversion of the original masterpiece. Sure, it has a cruel learning curve (so be prepared for that) but, beat it, and you've found yourself a killer game that's gonna eat away the hours. Virus is a brilliant shoot 'em up and I've had lots of fun with it. This is one virus I'm glad is contagious!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Disk 15

Yeah, it's time for more box art!

Okay, I recently bought this curiosity from "Cassette 50" legends, Cascade Games. It's called Disk 15 and shockingly contains 15 Atari ST games - which you can now download from AtariMania to instantly begin enjoying this wicked collection of mind-blowing "next-gen" games. Each one has the ability to blow your socks off!! So brace yourself because too much fun could cause your Atari ST to explode... you have been warned.

What? You don't believe me, uh? Well, here are some cool screenshots courtesy of AtariMania...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fullscreen Construction Kit

I've always had a thing for overscan!

The Atari ST/e might not officially support overscan but that hasn't stopped many games, demos, programs and more from making use of it. There's a lot out there with many already featured here on AtariCrypt not to mention the ability to activate overscan within GEM. Yep, the Atari ST is a versatile machine and often underrated.

Anyhow, Fullscreen Construction Kit is a cool utility program developed by FMC Connexion to display high-resolution pictures using this same overscan technique. It works by piecing together four Degas images which ultimately join up to generate the finishing picture. This image can be viewed on your ST using the program provided.

The process is simple but I had difficulties with the palettes because I'm not gifted when it comes to art!! Hence the reason Milla is in greyscale and the dog is red instead of brown. Also, it's worth noting that I found it easier to create the blocks using my Mac and there are online tools available to split images.

Six test images are already on the floppy plus you also have the ability to dabble and create your own. This set of image blocks [by Killer D] should give you an understanding of what's expected from budding artists? But even those without any skills (me!!) should be fine having a play, so why not give this program a playtest to see what overscan goodies you can create? Enjoy dabbling and let me know what you think in the comments below.

- My Atari ST Overscan Images -

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Michigan Mike And The Lost City Of Zorog

Michigan Mike is a scrolling platformer developed using GFA Basic by Gordon Storey. It features an Indiana Jones wannabe who's got himself into a spot of bother and now desperately needs our help to escape.

As you would expect from any platformer, each level has poisonous critters and many traps like crumbling rocks, acid pools and spikes. However, Mike's energy levels are slowly depleting, which is really annoying because this forces you to rush. Of course, touching any of the nasties only helps to increase that energy loss - so collect food to replenish him. Having said that, it's worth watching him die just to enjoy the explosive graphics!

Michigan Mike And The Lost City Of Zorog is a no-frills platformer with great joystick controls that make it very playable. Okay, he may have big feet and freaky eyes but I've actually enjoyed this. My only gripe is the energy meter because this goes down far too quickly. Not a great platformer but far from being a bad one. Give it a try!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Death Trap

My first ever Anco game!

Anco's Death Trap was released in 1990 and reminds me of a variety of platformers, like Horror Zombies From The Crypt with a hint of Prince Of Persia and Ricky Dangerous. The gruesome cover is nothing short of tremendous so deserves its place in the AtariCrypt BoxArt hall of fame. Also known as my personal collection!

We begin our adventure in a labyrinth of horror and encounter traps, like falling blocks, poisonous chests, spikes and much more. Each map is incredible but it's easy to lose your bearing so I doodled myself a basic route which helped a bunch. Puzzles are simple, like flipping a switch to unlock a door but this might mean backtracking and sometimes you're even required to walk the long way around, which isn't easy when under constant attack.

It's all about the killing!

Yes, evil creatures inhabit this place and can annoyingly appear at the most inconvenient times. Watch out for ghosts who materialise from out of thin air, jumping frogs, bats that swoop in and drop rocks, Egyptian wizards, and many others. I must say, I love the stripy grabbing-hands before the culprit appears to chases you!!

Controls are responsive and keep up with the demands of our adventurer. However, the tighter jumps can be a difficult as you need to tiptoe right to the very end of a platform, which is difficult when constantly chased by creatures! Oddly, our direction cannot be altered during the jump, which can be awkward.

We're armed with a pathetic blade but this can be upgraded with potions - I love the fireball that grants the ability to kill something before it gets close. These potions can be used to conjure spells, recover health, etc.

The CryptO'pinion?

Technically speaking, this spooky adventure impressed me with agile scrolling, beautifully animated sprites, great controls and sampled sound effects (I missed a background chiptune). However, Death Trap is very tough; the maps are huge and I often got wiery of the enemy's constant onslaught which can feel annoyingly unfair.

Well, I suppose you could use a trainer to fudge that but surely that's not right? [Don't Call Me Shirley!!]


Back when AtariCrypt was just a baby I recorded this gameplay video.
 Stonish has a great floppy disk and the hard disk version is available thanks to 8BitChip.
 If doodling ain't your thing then Hall of Light has every level mapped.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


After the jaw-dropping Berzerk, I went searching for other variants to see what's lurking inside the ST's archives. Eventually, I found Sleuth a PD release by Larry Scholz of MajicSoft in 1993. The year is 2525 and man's existence is threatened by evil cybernetic organisms (yup, robots!) which Dr Spirit has so kindly butchered and made evil. Okay, it's not exactly what you would call an authentic clone (ahem) but the premise is there!

We are Inspector Sleuth and are about to infiltrate the doctor's lair to show these clumps of metal who's in charge! Gone is the randomly generated screens, replaced with a map that is populated by six different models of the doctor's robots. These range from the Hemroid which is a low-level (wait for it) "pain in the butt" to the Hopperoids and their warp technology, so don't get too close. Defend yourself using an armour-piercing gun which features a nuclear charge to incinerate all robots from the inside out. You still need to stay clear of the electrified walls and if you hang about for too long then something freaky appears and chases you across the screen.

Sleuth feels like a tacky ripoff with rubbery controls, dodgy graphics and terrible sounds. Is it better than Berzerk? Not on your nelly! However, it's a pretty good game in its own right, and my 8-year old daughter loved it!!

IGNORE the graphics!! Remember, gameplay counts the most. It always does.

Shoot anything that looks... well... weird. Don't think, just shoot!! Enjoy :D

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bombs And Bugs

Bombs And Bugs is a multiplayer Bomberman clone developed by Stefan Eilert of Awkward Software. Sadly, the full version was never released but, as of today, it has been found and is downloadable from the AtariMania website. Supporting two or three players, superb power-ups and lots of the jazziest graphics ever seen!

I missed an option for single-player if I'm honest but it's such a brilliant multiplayer. The video shows gameplay by me and our 8-year old daughter - we both loved it!! It's fun, freaky and always silly. You will love it.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Atari ST games I HATE!!

My ST love is DEAD!!

Today, I decided it might be 'fun' to play a handful of games I have always hated. Good idea, right? Well, as it turns out, there are far more ST games I'm bad at. I think it's a skill of mine but here's just a handful...


First up is Lemmings, a game everybody went crazy for but I couldn't find any joy in herding those docile and idiotic critters. A few screens in, and I would soon discover that I had no tolerance for their stupidity and thus, found it irritating. Instead, I would deliberately watch them plummet to their death or explode. Now, that was fun!!


Next is a great conversion of the monster arcade hit, Hard Drivin'. This sure looks the part with its fancy polygons and whacky stunts enticing you to try your luck. However, it never goes to plan for me as I cannot steer the car in anything that resembles a straight line. In fact, I drive and corner worse than a drunk Stevie Wonder.

A driving that where the driving part is nigh on impossible. Great move, lads!


Next is Strider, a game I saw in ST Format and it looked amazing. They gave it a glowing review so I went out and spent all my pennies. Well, I certainly won't be giving it a glowing review because I cannot stand this platformer for more than a few minutes - without throwing down the joystick!! A terrible Tiertex port. (UPDATE) < < < < <

Arghh that scrolling! If only they'd have used the Blitter...


Yolanda is another platformer and one I've always thought was curiously interesting. The sprites are superb and it has a funny title screen so I've often wondered if it played as good as it looked? Well, this is my experience:

Start the game... Wonder what to do. Die. Start the game again... Run left. Die. Start the game once again... Run right. Die. Start the game one more time... Panic. Die. Reboot the Atari ST. And that's about all there is to it.

ARGGHHHH!! What on Earth is going on?

The CryptO'pinion?

In case you're wondering, this quick post was just a bit of fun. Well, except for the part about Lemmings which I personally consider to be another lame Amiga port by Psygnosis. Yes, I'm no fan of a software house that had no commitment or dedication for the Atari ST. Ignoring the odd game like Blood Money and Anarchy, they sucked with their rushed ports. My apologies to their fans throughout the world. Sorry, not sorry.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Racer 2

Dune race onto the Falcon!!

I thought it was time to introduced more 32-Bit games to AtariCrypt, especially as AtariMania's Marko Latvanen has promised to give me his Falcon - Muahahahaha!! For now, I'm happy with Hatari as it appears to emulate this powerful bird pretty well (even on my old Mac). So, what better than to begin with Dune's Racer 2 which was released at Silly Venture 2014 for the stock 16MHz Falcon and just 4MB Ram in 320x240 true-colour.

For me, a driving game needs to be an interesting road trip with the thrills and excitements to keep me coming back for more. Racer provides its motor fun with three different types of gameplay: championship, challenge and the good old arcade mode. Each can be played using three levels of difficulty from the beginner to an ace driver!

Creepy!! So keep the pedal to the metal when things get too spooky for you to handle.

Hey, I saw that you naughty boy. Don't stop to look at the pretty beach girls!!

Let's race!!

This feels like Crazy Cars 3 or Lotus 2 with its arcade styles and handling. It works well using either a manual or automatic gearbox so it wasn't long before I was whizzing around the tight corners thanks to the effortless controls. They're dead-easy and you can choose either the keyboard, joystick or a JagPad - brilliant!!

Championship events are tough and definitely put this gamer through his paces so don't expect to complete it on your first attempt. Both arcade and challenge modes offer a great way to quickly practice the laps with also the potential to further yourself by unlocking numerous extra tracks. I probably enjoyed Challenge mode the most.

Optional bonus items can be collected for a myriad of effects: freezing the timer, increase speed, eject your closest opponent, flattening opponents tyres, etc. However, joystick-players might find reaching for the keyboard each time too much hassle? Perhaps I should try my Jagpad? Oh wait, I've no Falcon... Marko help!!

Perhaps I'm boring but I turned off the Bonus feature...

New Race Unlocked? Oh yeah, I love it when that happens!!

32-Bit Aesthetics?

It was the graphics that enticed me to play this game - they are knockout and easily on par with other machines at the time. So many different environments and each is accompanied by its own unique styles, drivers and background tunes. Framerates are constantly superb and can be increased further by disabling the lovely textures. If I had to be picky, the point of view is a tad low and it's a shame so few frames are used when the car is cornering.

Audio is... well... it's an Atari Falcon so it's gonna be nothing less than gorgeous. The selection of music is incredibly varied and suits each track's style perfectly. All sound effects are made using awesome samples so, whether you're skidding, bumping or tearing up the road, it's amazing. Love it all, especially that smooth engine noise.

Some tracks are weirdly different from what I expected...

...whereas others look more "traditional". Don't worry, all are great!

The CryptO'pinion?

What a freakishly awesome game. In fact, I could end my review right now but let's waffle on for a little longer To say I've enjoyed this is an understatement but it isn't without faults: slamming into roadside objects can stop you dead - even if that object is a spectator! Starting off from zero feels lethargic, almost as if you're behind the wheel of a Kia. The strangest thing is when the countdown timer begins before the green light appears...

However, let's stop nitpicking because Racer 2 is a stonker with great graphics, roaring sounds, unique tracks, and superb controls. Yep, this is one utterly addictive experience and one of the best arcade games I've played. It certainly proves the power of the Falcon and to think this isn't even commercial... An extraordinary racer!!

Falcon peeps should download Racer 2 right now!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Supa Zazai Da!

Super... what?

Supa Zazai Da is another Gamopat conversion by Templeton, the same genius who graced us with the stupendous Crash Time Plumber so I couldn't wait to get my grubby mitts on his latest work after reading the superb review by ST Graveyard on Atari Legend. Sadly, I admit to being more than a little disappointed with it because I failed to play more than a handful of - frustrating - games before rebooting my ST in disappointment.

Now, I'll never knock anything powered by Maria Whittaker (yeah!) but this game is rock solid. It felt far too difficult!! And having only the one life certainly didn't help, especially when the enemy can fill the entire screen with bullets! Yep, this is certainly a wolf in sheep's clothing and seemed like a bad joke. I was genuinely gutted...

Trust me, this game will destroy you and all your expectations for success!

Don't judge a book by its cover

I later returned and anxiously grabbed my creaky old joystick, determined, but expecting the battle of my [retro gaming] life. After many embarrassing failures, I eventually beat the first hoard of cute nasties and somehow even gained extra points thanks to the green particles. But how I managed to dodge the enemy's bullets felt like a personal achievement!! The clue is how you navigate through the cloud of bullets, it's easier than you might think...

However, the big scary boss instantly gave me a good drubbing and I was greeted with the Game Over screen once again. I defeated him on my next nerve-racking attempt and was close to tears with ecstatic joy!! Once the second level begins you realise there's a familiar and repetitive pattern so I hammered it home and battled my way onto the third and fourth levels, with relative ease. What a massive learning curve - but it can be conquered!!

However, nobody said those bosses would be easy. Especially when they can fire so much!!

Pixels and Sonics

The visuals scroll along at an ultra-smooth 50fps but it's the outrageously cute sprites from a wide variety of games which everyone will adore. Your computer will require a Blitter coprocessor which is not a problem for the Atari STe and Falcon but the original ST models might be outta luck - unless you have a later revision or a Mega ST.

Musically, Supa Zazai is fantastic but also very different depending on your hardware: unnerving chip rattles the ST player whereas the STe gets exhilarating streamed audio. As instructed, pump up the volume!

50fps action through and just look at that huge sprite. Impressive, to say the least!!

The CryptO'pinion?

What a journey!! And nothing like I first imagined yet it lived up to all my expectations. Arcade fans are going to drool over the keyboards when playing this - it's fast, fun, thrilling and so addictive. Supa Zazai Da is an exhilarating shoot 'em up with gorgeous aesthetics and I hope Templeton has many more games are planned!

Download Supa Zazai Da! via AtariMania.
Go on, I dare ya!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mario's Quest

Mario's Quest was released in 1993 by Dean Sharples of Silly Software and is basically a Hunchback clone. However, this time we're an unofficial clone of that ridiculous Italian plumber but the gameplay remains pretty much the same. The screens feature lots of tricky jumps, pesky platforms or annoying arrows trying to kill you.

I adore the humble visuals which use a cool 8-Bit design and the music is superb too. However, the controls are far too sensitive so judging exactly where a platform ends - without falling to your death - is nigh on impossible.

Sadly, Mario's Quest one of the most frustrating games I have played. An infuriating platformer!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fractal Landscape Generator

It's time to be creative!

Fractal Landscape Generator was developed by David Billington who gave us an opportunity to develop mountainous worlds. Now, it's worth stopping to read the doc file on the disk before you do anything else - because there is an excellent mini-guide included. I know, I know, nobody reads the manual... but you should this time!

Making a brand new rugged landscape is extremely easy thanks to the fantastic user interface. Not only that, but results can be produced and viewed very quickly, even on an 8MHz computer. Thankfully, the program made great use of my 16MHz Mega STe which is superb and the versatile speeds of Hatari will be a huge bonus!

The 3D part was initially difficult to grasp but don't give up - keep on tinkering and you'll grasp it. Once you're happy, you can then add light-shading, alter various colour parameters, and increase the detail level. Heck, you can even animate a fly-by through your newly created world.

Dabbling in 16-Bit creation was fun and it's impressive to see what wonders I could knock out and to think I found it by chance: Floppyshop ART-3647. It's a nice feeling to find something "new" and this is a great program to get started in fractal landscaping. Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below! Enjoy...

- My Own MEGA STE Creations -

Friday, February 16, 2018

Astro Marine Corps

Creepy ass monsters are coming!

Sometimes a game doesn't need a longwinded storyline, cunning puzzles or life-sucking RPG elements. Sometimes all you want is a huge mother of a weapon (with unlimited ammo of course) and lots of baddies in need of urgent annihilation. Be happy because Dinamic's AMC fits the bill with lots of gratifyingly brutal violence!

This multi-level scrolling shoot 'em up involves nothing more than walking grim alien landscapes to hammer down the fire button and kill everything in sight. Upgradeable weapons use a directional-firing technique and our marine can also crouch and leap high into the air with wiggly legs. We are also equipped with powerful bombs, which are needed when the main gun isn't effective... Hmm, perhaps you should drop a few into the crater?

The aliens are an obscene bunch of misfits ranging from man-eating plants to mechanoids that even Robocop would run away from. Don't get too close to the unassuming caterpillars, these will suddenly grow in size - and teeth!! I think AMC has some of the best enemies ever and the monstrously huge Guardian proves it.

Technically, AMC could have been better and I got a distinct whiff of a rushed port: the scrolling could have been more energetic, landscapes look unfinished, but the joystick controls are excellent. However, it is awkward reaching for the keyboard to throw a bomb - especially when mechanoids are chasing. Sigh, with a bit of spit and polish...

Overall, AMC is crude and predictable but it's also thoroughly entertaining with great baddies, crunchy sound effects and tons of action. I loved being an Astro Marine because it's fantastic killing alien scumbags. Superb!!

Waste no more time and install AMG onto your hard drive or grab the floppies.
Also, Stonish has a couple of great Menu disks: Dodgysoft #81 and Flame Of Finland #25.


Even the plant life is out to get you in this crazy game so watch out where you walk!!

Awe look everyone it's a strange little worm... No... Wait... ARGHHH it's growing!!

This thingamabob is absolutely superb. Look at the detail in his eyes and teeth. Love it!!

AMG has some huge monsters but the bosses are even bigger. This beast is ginormous!!