Thursday, January 28, 2016

Diamond Edge

Isn't Diamond Edge a brilliant program? One of its features is called Test Disk which scans for various types of potential problems. Only the other day this saved my bacon because Drive C (a 32MB partition) suddenly reported itself at 22MB. Why I do not know, but Diamond Edge came to the rescue and fixed several serious issues. Nothing was lost and the drive is working 100% again... (phew!!!).

I have also found it particularly useful to optimise (defrag) the partitions in order to better stream audio for (storage) demanding games (Cannon Fodder / Xenon II) or other programs like ST Video Player. I try and defrag the drives on a monthly basis. Don't even get me started with Undelete, another superb part of the Diamond Edge suit!

Diamond Edge is one of the most fundamental utilities for all Atari computers. It's as essential today as it was back in the day - every machine equipped with a mass-storage device should have it installed.

Anodyne has Diamond Edge all ready to download with a manual too!

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