Monday, July 23, 2018


I've been going through my old video recordings and found this frantic 8-way shooter by Hewson. Programmed by Chris Hinsley, who also made the awesome Onslaught and Verminator, it features stunningly fast visuals by Nigel Brownjohn with absolutely outstanding audio all thanks to the magic of Dave Whittaker.

Attack!! Attack!! Attack!! Attack!! Attack!! Attack!! ARGHHHH!! Helpl me, somebody!!

We are a "custodian" of a massive tomb which has been infested by alien parasites. Obviously, we've gotta clean up this place which means killing everything! The best part is that we not only look like something from the demoscene [cough] but are also equipped with an armed-jetpack. Zooming about this place is exciting stuff but the aliens are relentless and the basic mechanics just don't work well together, so it soon becomes a demented slog!

Chris sure knew how to program the Atari ST but I feel he missed the mark this time. It's silly because I remember playing this to death but today, it seems far too whacky with too much going on. Perhaps I'm wrong? If you're feeling brave then Custodian can be run from a floppy or hard drive. Get ready and brace yourself for a rough journey!!

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